Donor Wall (21)

Marjorie Smith | $100

I like to share my stimulus check with worthy causes in the community.

Betsy Danforth | $500

Thank you to all the volunteers and staff of the Help Center who have no doubt saved hundreds of lives and advocated for thousands of those in pain.

Pamela Bode | $30

Tom & Sarah Riddle | $259.11

Kyla Quintero | $259.11

Anonymous | $103.83

Thank you for being such a great resource of hope in our community. Please use the donation amount for Staff support and encouragement by getting delicious treats from Wild Crumb. Peace and Love.

Gary Matthews, LCPC, PLLC | $100

Thanks for your service to the community.

Jim Walseth | $150

My employer will match this donation. Cheers!

Mimi | $50

Carol Townsend | $1,000

Frank Seitz | $100

The Help Center is THE Flagship in our efforts to deal with mental health challenges.

Bruce & Leta Eng | $250

David Ritchey | $300

In memory of Kyle Ritchey

Brian & Jeanne

Gsil Watters | $40

Thanks for all the help you’ve given my daughter. She’s a stronger person because of it.

David | $149.93

Employees at United Energy Trading | $127.19

D.L. Genter | $103.50

Honoring the courage and spirit of a joyful, courageous young man.

Anna Abai | $500

Forever in our hearts - Anna Abai and Olivia Morrow

Thomas Parrish | $60

Jennifer Cogley | $250