Donor Wall (11)

Sheree Lamb | A$230

Donated by the Wonder Women 2022 community in loving memory of Maureen, beloved mother of Bernadette Janson

Trevor Lee | A$2,200

We really believe in supporting women from rural villages to grow their potential

Bernadette Janson | A$693

Wonderful to see the progress of the artisan women. We are happy to support our creative sisters.

Bernadette Janson | A$693

For each new student who joins our Wonder Women Renovators program, we are proud to purchase another smartphone to empower more artisan women.

Bernadette Janson | A$2,772

I'm proud to support this project to empower our creative sisters to work and earn a living.

Vidya Yogasundaram | $10

I have been one of the lucky few who has had the opportunity to work with these wonderful women. It is a truely strong community of sisterhood who lookout for each other and take care of one another. Artisan nation will take them a step further by enhancing and enriching their lives. Here’s wishing my best to see this organisation grow leaps and bounds

Abbie | $10


As a healthcare practitioner I know the benefits that movement and exercise has on longevity. This brilliant initiative will help women have access to professionals like myself so they too can have the help in achieving these benefits.

Jeremy | $10

Great cause.

Bradley | $10/M

Long Live The Artisan

Jonathan | $10

This is such a great cause. I will share this with as many people as possible. What an excellent and much needed mission x