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Really happy to support this rigorous, professional Transactional Analysis journal.

Stefano | £500

Dear Julie, As president of I.T.A.C.A. (International Transactional Analysts for Childhood and Adolescence) I've the pleasure of sending you this donation for IJTAR, cause we believe in the goodness of your editorial project. We wish you to continue your amazing work in supporting TA through methodic and validated scientific research. Best regards. Stefano Morena

Traian Bossenmayer | £10

Beatrijs | £93.71

Because I value the contribution of IJTARP for academic recognition of TA

Enrico Benelli | £860/Y

IJTARP is a fundamental strategical instrument to achieve the goal to obtain recognition of Transactional Analysis as an Empirically Supported Treatment, that is a major goal of European Countries, notably Spanish, Switzerland, Germany, United Kingdom and Sweden were TA has not been recognized and risk to be marginalized. Together with publications on journals with high impact factor outside TA field, IJTARP allow to publish free of charge early findings, to exchange research informations and methodological developments, to develop an academical research culture into TA community and to receive education by peer review on how to write higher level publications. I strongly suggest to all Italian, European and worldwide Transactional Analyst to donate and to contribute with research articles.

Institute of Developmental TA | £335.75

IDTA is delighted to support IJTARP - we need TA accessible to all