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Clayton Gilbert | $21.08

Tne_rozay from twitch would love to help support this cause. Shoutout to snappy suga gaming for the referral.

Natasha Saena

Thank you for setting an example for all of us to follow. Alofa❤️

Sylvia Mapuoletuli | $21.08/M

I LOVE that you're doing this and my family is excited to become monthly supporters for a family in Samoa!

Panamā-Faiivae Aiga | $21.08/M

For a family in need. God bless!

Yards After Contact Apparel

Chrissy Paepule | $21.08

Blessings your way

Melerelini Ioane-Leifi | $21.08/M

Monthly donation from the Ioane-Leifi Family in Cato our beautiful people back in Samoa. love you sis Doris for doing this for our people.

Koriano | $21.08/M

MOTU | $104.15

Being Samoan is a blessing! From my upbringing in a traditional family, the values I was taught, religious beliefs and culture. My love to Brown Girl Woke Project & Samoa❤

Poly Gaming Page | $104.15/M

Monthly donation from Snappy & Poly gaming to help families!

Christina Sandler | $62.62/M

May G-d bless you and the people you serve. <3

Salamasina Nick | $104.15

Adding to MoanaLisa Lupe from Sisters Sharpening Sisters

Sisters Sharpening Sisters | $52.23

MoanaLisa Lupe | $727.21

On behalf of the Sisters Sharpening Sister, we have come together believing that this mission is one that we could or would not pass up without being a part. When there's a call to action we come together to join in this fight through our giving and prayers knowing that as we exalt our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. we also become His hands and feet even from afar, we all can make a difference. Sis. Doris and BGW please keep doing the work you're all doing. It is not in vain nor does it go unnoticed. With all our love as our hearts are join together in accord. God Bless you all, from the Sisters Sharpening Sisters (FB Group)

Celeste | $62.62

Sending 🙏🏾💜🕯️to you all. Thanks to IG post by Kalani Faagata for making me aware of this organisation.

Antoinette | $21.08

In honor of @kalanifaagata and all that she is doing for the women of Samoa.

Nestor | $21.08

Kolini sent me. Great cause. Very kick ass.

Dana Edwards | $20

Hope this helps a family in Samoa ! ❤️

Cesario | $21.08

Chic Polynesian | $311.84

For our children of Samoa 🇼🇸 😍😍🥰🥰🥰

Aniva | $21.08/M

Please use my donation wherever you see fit & much alofas for all you do for our Samoa 🇼🇸 ❤️

Lacy | $104.15

Planting Samoa

Eseese Malala-Apo | $21.08/M


Thanks to Kalanifaagata for posting. Glad I was able to help



Thanks sis Doris & all of the Brown Girl Woke family and supporters who make this work possible.

Lacine | $21.08/M

Love and blessings to the all the families in need.

Pau Ah Le Life | $20/M

Jenny | $62.62

Props to Kalani for bringing this white girls’ attention to this wholly rad cause xo