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Celeste | $62.62

Sending 🙏🏾💜🕯️to you all. Thanks to IG post by Kalani Faagata for making me aware of this organisation.

Antoinette | $21.08

In honor of @kalanifaagata and all that she is doing for the women of Samoa.

Nestor | $21.08

Kolini sent me. Great cause. Very kick ass.

Dana Edwards | $20

Hope this helps a family in Samoa ! ❤️

Cesario | $21.08

Chic Polynesian | $311.84

For our children of Samoa 🇼🇸 😍😍🥰🥰🥰

Aniva | $21.08/M

Please use my donation wherever you see fit & much alofas for all you do for our Samoa 🇼🇸 ❤️

Lacy | $104.15

Planting Samoa

Eseese Malala-Apo | $21.08/M


Thanks to Kalanifaagata for posting. Glad I was able to help



Thanks sis Doris & all of the Brown Girl Woke family and supporters who make this work possible.

Lacine | $21.08/M

Love and blessings to the all the families in need.

Pau Ah Le Life | $20/M

Jenny | $62.62

Props to Kalani for bringing this white girls’ attention to this wholly rad cause xo


Doris dahling... you've moved mountains. i'm proud of you and i pray that your work is prosperous and fruitful FOAEVAAAA! and shout out to Kalani Faagata for being the positive influence that both Samoas need! xo

Jacqueline | $41.85

Galu Ulaulā

Angellina | $41.85

Sorry not a big donation but i hope it helps. God bless

Carly Kenney | $21.08

Margaret | $21.08/M

Shout out to Kalani Faagata who bought me here!

Carilyne Ricardo carbonell | $21.08

I wish I could do more.

Amy Ginko | $62.62

Donating bcuz of Kalani Faagata's post

Michael Kaaihue | $21.08/M

My life motto is “Give back 2 Get back” I’m honored to give back monthly

simone sacks | $21.08


Weslie | $104.15

This one’s for Kalani 👑❤️

Joanna Snyder | $21.08

Eva | $21.08

I know it’s not a lot. But, hopefully it’ll help. ❤️

Guard55 | $208

My heart will always be home in both Samoa’s. #ONESAMOA