Donor Wall (21)

Lynne Brewer | $75

Christine Verbitsky | $311.36

Thanks for saving these beautiful lives and so many others!

Jaegers Run Animal Rescue Inc | $104.12

There is no donation greater than YOUR love and dedication for the helpless and voiceless...I'm honored to have the opportunity to work with TLC...especially Kristen, Willows step Mom❤️🐾 THANK YOU !!!

Sean Mowdy | $52.23

Thank you Marge and Rich for all you do.

Katrina Martinez | $52.23

Thank you for all you do ❤️

Maria Mangels | $104.12

Sergio | $104.15

Barbara Casey | $26.27

Thank you for helping

Cape fear t shirrs | $104.15

Linda | $104.12

This donation is from my Mom, Lori. She thinks this organization is doing wonderful work. Thanks Marge and all other volunteers!

Linda | $104.12

Thank you, Marge for all your help. You are doing such important work for cats and Long Island. Linda.


Krystina | $26.27

Thank you for all you do for the cats of Long Island. We are so grateful for people like you.

Andi Wolos | $26.33/M

yisset | $103.80

Thank you so much Rebecca and TLC for all your help and everything that you do for these cats!

Theresa Madonia | $103.83

I would like to thank Marge from tenderlovingcats for coming to my home , teaching me how to set up traps and always being there at anytime to pick up cats and kittens from my neighbors backyard. She is awesome as is your organization!! Thank you and bless you for all that you do!!!

Sarah Watson | $26.33

Thank you Rebecca C for all you do - Sarah and Elliot


For the Central Islip Hoarder House cats

Joy Alek | $25

Thank you ❤️

Anonymous | $103.83

For all the cats that no one wanted and so many others turned away from.

Jessica Glass | $129.63

This is to help all the other kittens like me that are out there! My mama says it's important to support the cause you believe in! Lots of love from Baby Feen (Phoenix Glass)