Donor Wall (95)

Sejin jenny | A$100

Thank you for your great work. God bless

Philip | A$50/M

Well done on a fantastic initiative!

Quynh | A$50/M

thanks for your great work!

Gilbert | A$100

God bless you Alex and all the people with whom you work to support and feed the people who work to keep us healthy.

Smita | A$10/M

Faith in humanity! Great work Alex and Team ❤️

Jane Emery | A$250

Alex you are an inspiration. Well done.


Your kindness and compassion for those less fortunate is truly inspiring. Thank you for all you do

Emma Crow | A$30

Dawn Little | A$100

Alex I’ve just watched you on the opening show Who wants to be a millionaire and you are inspiration and an absolutely beautiful young man and anyone who’s watched this program would surely want to donate a few dollars no matter how big or small to help you make a difference in the community you are working in. All the very very best to you. 🙏

Fiona | A$100

I just watched Alex on Millionaire and was really impressed with him. Thank you Alex.

Belinda | A$30/M

I watched Alex on Millionaire and had to donate to help this amazing young man.

Daniel Brooks | A$30

Bernadette | A$60

You should have got the 125k. Great work!

Sandro | A$30


Thank you for your compassion and initiative!

Carie | A$60

So impressed by your positive actions. Healthy food to assist those in need. Well done and Keep up the fantastic work. Inspired to check you out after watching your win on ‘Who wants to be a Millionaire’.

Jill Campbell | A$30/M

Saw you on Who Wants To Be a Millionaire you’re doing amazing work

Amy | A$15

Matthew | A$200

Your are inspirational mate.

Kamila Ikramova | A$60

Hi Alex, saw you on who wants to be a millioner. I was deeply touched and very impressed by you. It is amazing to see how selfless you are and how your priorities are focused on wellbeing of otheres. Such a refreshing experience in this selfish world of self absorbed individuals. Well done!

Graeme Couch | A$15

Great work guys !

Christine | A$60

Marion Bray | A$60

Thank you for looking out for those who need some support.

Kate | A$60

Thomas Lam | A$30

Keep up the good work!


Amazing work guys!!

Ben Woods | A$30

Kirsty Manders | A$30

What a great story! Well done Alex!

Ko Ye Foundation | A$30

Keep on going with this heartwarming initiative Alex! Love, Ko Ye Foundation

Jacky Romanes | A$60