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Bulldozer Barbecue

Hi guys! Merry Christmas to everyone at AMM.

william watson | A$52.39

A donation made in lieu of an Xmas gift for Diana Watson

Ames Australasia Pty Ltd | A$2,900

Thankyou - funds raised from Ames slow cooker day.

Tina | A$50


Janet Mulqueeney | A$100

Elizabeth W | A$50

Ag | A$50

Oliver Lamb | A$304

You're ace!

Anthony Brown | A$21.21

Ray German | A$16.01/M

What a wonderful cause and a great opportunity for me to make a small but important difference. It's up to us to take care of people less privileged, so let's all chip in and support our fellows....

Shanez Mickleburgh | A$21.19

As a member of the Victorian public health team who has worked through the pandemic, I am a very fortunate recipient of these meals. I am so grateful for them and they are delicious. Thank you AMM for this kindness and for helping so many through food.


Thank you for supporting staff at Peter MacCallum Cancer centre. I have eaten your meals during my breaks and it is wonderful to have this service for us. We feel appreciated

Marina Wareing

Aspect Personnel | A$3,300

On behalf on the Aspect Personnel Team, we would like to extend a huge thank you to Alex and the Alex Makes Meals team for all that you do for the community. We are proud to have you as our chosen charity partner for our 2022 PACE report.

Kieran OLeary

Aspect Personnel | A$250

Thank you for everything you and your team do!

Shaq | A$52.36

James | A$200

Graced by your generosity and big heart, we would like to "pay it forward". Keep up the good work!

Irene Rose | A$52.36

Thankyou to you Alex and all your special volunteers, you’re all doing a grand job.πŸ‘‹β€οΈ

Gilbert | A$104.28

Thank each and every one of the medical and health care workers whose sacrifices have helped keep us safe. May you be blessed and upheld in your care for others.

Richard | A$20

Hopefully this can help in some small way xo

Amanda | A$52.35

Love and hugs to all of you. 😘😘😘😘

Leesa | A$20

Bulldozer Barbecue | A$500

Kerri Caruso | A$31.59

Incredible ongoing effort Alex! You and your team are amazing humans.

Yummelia | A$220

Loren | A$260.03

Donate on behalf of Leone Gunther

Shannan Miller

Shea Nicole Giyun | A$50

I am so blessed to see you guys in community. So proud of your work and heart.