Donor Wall (125)

Richard | A$20

Hopefully this can help in some small way xo

Amanda | A$52.35

Love and hugs to all of you. 😘😘😘😘

Leesa | A$20

Bulldozer Barbecue | A$500

Kerri Caruso | A$31.59

Incredible ongoing effort Alex! You and your team are amazing humans.

Yummelia | A$220

Loren | A$260.03

Donate on behalf of Leone Gunther

Shannan Miller

Shea Nicole Giyun | A$50

I am so blessed to see you guys in community. So proud of your work and heart.

Melanie | A$50

David | A$300

You’re doing great work!

Ellen | A$31.58

Kylie Gwynne Connect Challenge | A$50

Bulldozer Barbecue

Hi. Cliff here with Bulldozer BBQ. Semi-annual donation, accumulated as a percentage of each bbq meat rub sold. Great work guys!

Campbell Fraser | A$10/M

Carol | A$104.27

James Marshman | A$500

Ive been helping out with Dan at QVM on Wednesdays lately. Blown away with your work, and very happy to help out.

Naomi Cameron | A$50

Hope it’s a quick lockdown Melbourne. Thank you for holding the line.

SUE | A$52.35

Alex, you and your wonderful team continue to inspire us. Your selfless dedication and compassion to those in need is second to none 👍

Cleopatra | A$21.18/M

Ian | A$15.99/M

Edward | A$519.63

Heard about this on ABC Melbourne, good work Alex and co.

Sandra Mardell | A$50

Fabulous work, thank you for all you do!!

Maree Nevill | A$20/M


You are a credit to yourselves and your country.

Tisara | A$200

So impressed with what and your team are doing Alex.


It is wonderful what you are doing! I wish I could donate more but I have lost my job.

Sandro D’Orazio | A$20

God Bless always God’s Love Joy peace and protection be with all at Alex Makes Meals and your family members & friends and all the homeless youth and more .


You and your team are amazing.