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Leslye Golding

Barbara benaderet | $17.91

For Curtis

Bianca White | $17.91

From @pittcrewla in Los Angeles. We will all get through this.

robin stevenson | $26.19

Laura Wilcox | $17.91

Anonymous | $26.19

Please rescue Pittbulls.

Karen Listwan | $21.01

Debra Spicer | $52.07

Jamie Groth | $26.19

Please accept this donation for the Pay it Forward effort! We are all in this together.

Wickland Real Estate Group | $52.07

Hi DDR Angels! This $50 is to help get sweet Bertha healthy again. I'll be sending you more for her next week. God Bless you guys.

Erin | $103.83

Brenda | $52.07

Kandace | $737.37

Thank you so much for all the selfless work you do saving these precious dogs!


Thank you for your continued efforts!

Kelly Krumm | $26.19

In memory of Maggie.


MaryAnn DeBusschere

I am so proud to be from Detroit where no mater how tough things get everyone is taken care of, even the dogs of the streets. Thank you for the great work you do!

Christina Baker | $26.19

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Michael Cutajar

Regular Donor

Susan Whitehead | $26.19

Thanks for all you do!


This donation made on the behalf of Otis!

Paul Fuller | $26.19


Lorie Toutant | $52.07

Kate Lawson | $52.07

Thank you all so much for what you do. I wish it could be more (I do donate monthly) you are wonderful souls.


I lost my job back in 2019 but I’m still donating

Nannette | $52.07

God Bless you all

Suzan Berberich | $21.01

Carter's Plumbing

Carter's Plumbing wants to send love to your team and all the animals in your care!!

Katherine Wright

This is for ALL animals who have been abused, exploited, neglected, tortured and murdered.