Donor Wall (158)

Lindsey Tomasko | $103.83

Jamie Groth | $52.07

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year DDR! Keep your voice heard!

Lindsay | $100

Kaitlin Paulk

Brenda Banwell | $52.07

Dawn Sab | $21.01


Thank you so much for allowing the Rescue community to know of this terribly sad loss for Blair's family and the Detroit Dog Rescue's family.

Emily Korobkin | $18

Lauren Sargent

I have lost too many friends to suicide. Please put my gift towards helping Domino in the way Blair would have wanted.

Paris France | $21.01

Tom | $52.07


This donation is in honor of Karen’s son Blair. I am so sorry that you lost your son. The adoption room that will be named after Blair will always be there in remembrance of the strength he held and the love he had for Domino & DDR💗

Barton Grimm | $103.83

cheryla | $41.72

to ALL the animal-savers EVERYWHERE- i praise your acts of compassion !

jackie dale | $250

I just read about your car being stolen with donations inside.

Karen | $52.07

In memory of my sweet furniece Molly, who was a rescue. Thanks for all your devotion to the animals in Detroit!

Marti Sultana | $103.83

Thank you for NEVER quitting.

Jackie Barthel-Coursey

Fran | $103.83

Thank you for the much needed care the neglected dogs of Detroit receive from your efforts. Please continue your mission.

Andrea | $103.83

Laura Moore | $26.19

Michele | $25

Kristin Neering | $21.01

Michelle Okroy

Anna Maria Iannuzzo | $103.83

For your wonderful rescue PACO whose story touched me profoundly.


Iryna | $103.83

To honor Blair’s wish to help rescue dog Domino

Vicki King | $10.66

Jodi | $52.07


Thank you for all you do on behalf of the dogs of Detroit. I grew up in the D and the only pets we ever had were stray dogs that followed us home from our paper route. Best pets ever!