Donor Wall (1390)

Diana Thornbury | $21.01

For mama Aurora

Beth Jones | $52.07

Thank you for all you do.

Jennie Berkeley

Wish this could be more! Hope it helps!! DDR is incredible!!

Carolyn Molnar

Matthew | $52.07

Glad to give.


Angela | $10.66

For Aurora’s baby shower ❤️

Nadene | $10.66

Thank you for all your efforts to help these innocent, vulnerable animals..

Caroline Kelly

Charles J | $21.01


This is for our dogs, 3 of which we lost this year. Quincy, Riley, Abby and Diem. Rescue not Retail!!!


Raymond M Denton | $5.49

I’m in New Jersey but I’m reaching out to the dogs that need help and the people that care for them.

Stephanie | $310.87

from the Strong Nation Community

The Rott

I rescued my dog from DDR. The greatest thing I could have done. She brought back happiness into my home.


Karen Ryan | $21.01


Shirley | $10.66

Thank you for helping these Poor Babies ❤️❤️❤️🥰

DALE | $21.01

Leslie | $52.07

Collette | $52.07

Leslie Mallare | $10.66

Thank you for your devotion and the care you give the dogs!

Charles Arida


For the Senior Dogs just rescued 😢

Michele Theisen | $52.07

This donation goes towards the Louisiana seniors. Thank you for being part of their rescue.

Anonymous | $103.83

Thank you for your work with senior dogs.

Dawn | $26.19

SoldBySchlaf | $52.07

Stephanie | $10.66