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Julienne Mixis | $52.07

Chloe | $103.83

Keep up the good work, DDR!!

Layne Benofsky

Thanks for all you do! This gift is for all the good dogs, and in the name of OttoBot, who didn't require your services, but plenty of dogs like him do.

Anonymous | $52.07

Cyndi | $52.07

Katherine Ferrini | $41.72

Katherine | $52.07

Rose Dakroub | $52.07

For all the lil pitties who always seem to get the short end of the stick :(

David Wiesman | $21.01

Mary from CA | $10.66

I have been with you since DDR was first founded by Hush. I continue to appreciate the great work you do; I wish I could give more, but I'm elderly and living on a fixed income. Thanks to all you angels!!

Dale | $26.19

Linda | $21.01


Marta Archer | $41.72

Jennifer Lawrence | $21.01

Shamane | $31.37

I wish I could do more. Thank you for all that you do

Debra Knill | $52.07

I am so grateful that you are helping and saving dogs lives

Susan | $103.83

Jonell Couchie | $26.19

I wish it could be more

Anonymous | $259.11


Thanks for helping even more dogs! I wish people who had kids and got pets had to go through some schooling...

Katheryn Cameron-Owens | $52.07

Sierra | $52.07

Thank you for your services to rescue dogs.

Anna | $155.59

You do Great Work!

Lindsay and Chris Monette | $52.07

Please use for Bear’s medical costs

Nicole Dungey | $20

Thank you!🐾❤

Angie | $103.83

Judith Cooper | $52.07

For Bear - May he recover quickly

Anonymous | $5.49

Wish I could do more but I know ever little bit counts. Thank you for all you do.

Tiba | $52.07