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Eirik | $104.15

Zabiullah | $30

History repeat itself, this time not with cigarettes but porn. Alex, we stand united! Share the Light!

Matus | $26.27

I read Vice and Scramnews articles and it's absolutelly depressing. Let's stop absurd porn industry lobbying.


Wow I never knew how predatory the porn industry is, if you don't realize it it’ll get you be careful folks

Bang | $10

Can't forget the support from NoFap

Anonymous | $10

helped a lot by nofap, besides personal growth, feel like understanding love and sex more since starting, thanks and cheers!

Anonymous | $10

Been fighting against porn use for a few years now and i'm really glad something is being done to make sure it will get easier in the future

Pierre Strub

I'm from France. Your work and Gary Wilson's work changed my life forever, just because I changed one variable: porn !


No Fap has changed my life and with my Success in removing porn from my life I have been able to influence my close friends into committing to nofap. It’s sick that the porn industry wants to take this movement down. I don’t have much money and am saving as much as I can to start my own business but I have been so passionate about nofap and what it means that I am willing to contribute what I can. Thanks Alex & NoFap


Porn is a cancer on the face of the Earth. At best it's a waste of our most valuable resource, time. At worst it ruines lives. NEVER GIVE UP.

David | $10.70

I hope and pray that NF can continue to change lives and help to END the infection of porn in the lives of many.

Nicolas | $31.46

Thanks for what you have been doing! We are behind you so that you may continue helping so many persons!

Sarah | $519.52

Roman | $10.70

Keep up the good work. Never don't give up.


Merci pour ton aide Alex. NEVER GIVE UP !

Michael | $115.58

The defamatory statements made about NF and its founder are completely untrue. There is no other place on the internet where anyone can come and have a discussion about Porn and issues that people struggle with that are connected to it. Regardless of scientific causation, religious principle, psychiatric practice, feelings or otherwise, this is the only place where it is a safe place to actually talk about issues people go through that are relevant with Pornography. Alex, you do what people talk about doing and brought so many people together for good, including my own life.

HanoThe Mano

Hope your lawsuit goes alright Alex! Unfortunately the porn industry is an evil one that tries to control men's minds with sexual desires + it needs to be stopped. Keep working hard on the NoFap community + keep helping others (including myself break the biggest addiction on the planet) Regards, Hano

Anonymous | $10

I wish I could help more financially. Alex and the community that he gathered around have helped thousands of people all over the world. No wonders why those porn industry scum pigs are trying to do whatever it takes to take down Alex and nofap community in particular. Wish you all the best, you got my support.

Todor | $25

This forum, for me, is a symbol of the freedom from the P addiction. We will not let it down. We will not let Alex down. Let's be united and support our cause!

Alex T | $130.11

Your site has been instrumental in my recovery from porn addiction. Porn destroys lives and drives a wedge through relationships.

Anonymous | $5

Donating in honor of the live of my life who is currently working to take back control over his life from the porn industry.

Anonymous | $10

Keep fighting. Don't give up.

Jake | $23.16

$100,000. Halfway there!

Alex Kor | $10.70

Anonymous | $26.27

Keep fighting... porn is evil and destroys lives

Anonymous | $10.70

Piers | $5.50

Keep up the good fight! This is a battle which must be won, luckily we have the truth on our side and I believe we can win! Sorry I am not in a position to donate more at this moment!

Anonymous | $10

All the best!

Yanguang Gu | $10.70


Stewart | $10.70

Keep up the good work