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Rise & Shine Debating | A$207.44

The thoughts of young people add a spark to our community. We need everyone's voices to create a living, complete picture of who we are and where we are now.

Adelaide Williams | A$10.77

Go Team!

Dyana Ebian | A$21.12

Francesca De Nuccio | A$25

can I please crack another cracker.

Damien Shaw | A$300

Josiah Dunjey | A$50

Lester | A$103.93

Kerri | A$26.29

Keep up the amazing work!

Enquiries | A$50

Enquiries | A$24

Lynn Schrandt | A$100

Mr Man | A$123.45

Us a comment

Monika | A$100

Isaac, Chris and their team are quite an inspiration! Keep going!

Philip | A$103.93

Mon | A$207.45

Spearwood Uniting Church (UCCS) sausage sizzle for YTR | A$34.10

Monika | A$103.94

We love what you do!

Heaps Cool Music | A$15

Mon | A$207.45

Paige | A$10.77

For the supportive and welcoming community and the many oppurtunities that Youth Talk Radio gives me and so many others.

Logan & Pat Howlett | A$207.45

Stewart Dunstan | A$10


My Dad would be laughing to hear me on air. I have been part of this station for the past year, it has helped me socially, and personally. I have invested my career into working with children. While, youth is an area that is of passion to me, and I feel strongly to encourage and support youth through the many challenges of growing into being and becoming. It is such a tender and vulnerable age. Much love Isaac and team for your hard work and dedication. :)

Nurse Shayne | A$52.17

You guys inspire future generations and positively influence the community. Love your work. Keep it up!

tony serve | A$52.17

Love and respect for the positive work by Isaac and team.

Finy oma | A$52.17

Finy oma | A$52.17

Clifton Hurt | A$26.29

Love what you’d are doing! Keep going.

Jenny | A$5

Wilma | A$50