Donor Wall (401)

Debbie | $26.27

Susan | $10.70/M


Denise M Skewes | $104.12

Sonia Griffin | $10.70

With love in my heart for you, Brady, and the dogs you help protect and their partners

Marjorie | $300

In memory of the best boy Chase (GSD)

Jeff Collins | $50


As a Mother of Corrections officers, I can not think of a more worthy cause to help out. Come home safe!

Tamra French | $1,246.42

From Guardians Farm from K-9 Aslan & Artemis

Tamra French | $1,246.42

Donation from Guardians Farm in memory of K9 Chase and K9 Anouke

Brittany Murphy | $23.50

Elleni | $1,246.42

Debby, Jim McIndoo | $1,200

Bill Vargo | $1,246.42

Donation to help out a K9 along with In Memory of my boy (GSD) Renegade who passed away 1/10/2023 Miss you & will always Love you!

Bre | $26.27

Thanks for all the hard work! Stay safe!

Ann Oot | $150

In memory of Stacie B. Iovinelli from the Town of Manlius, NY

Stephanie | $230

From Macdaddy Salon

Alice/Chris Colley | $26.27

Town of Milton | $150

In memory of Stacie B. Iovinelli from the Town of Milton, NY

Arlene | $519.52

Thank you for all you do for our loyal police dogs!

Norma Ridgeway | $52.23

Diana Dodd

Lisa Keith | $104.15

Each year for Christmas, one gift for my daughter is a donation. What a great cause. I’m excited to surprise her with this one💙🖤🐶

Maria Roque Lopes | $389.72

Bill Pope | $1,243.90

Leah and Brady, I appreciate all that you are doing and the K9 officers do too. Thank you and Merry Christmas.

Jens Busch | $600

Frank Percic | $600

Proud owner of a malinois and from Strongsville! Keep it going Brady!

Riley | $104.15

Lynne | $104.15

Protect these Precious K9’s!! Their service is saving lives so we need to support them.🐾❤️

Kate | $100

As a dog lover and someone who is grateful for our 'men and women in blue,' I appreciate what you are doing and am grateful to Kathy Rall and Larry St. Pierre for sharing your work with me. Best to luck to you!