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John | NZ$50

Bill & Pauline Keast | NZ$30


Susan | NZ$50

Very supportive of your campaign to test and improve the efficacy of sunscreens and make your results available to everyone - disgraceful though it is that you should have to do it and that you need to raise funds for it!

Susan | NZ$50

With our melanoma rates, calling sunscreen a cosmetic is a joke.

Anonymous | NZ$20

We all deserve the truth

Melissa | NZ$20

Being pale skinned and loving the outdoors I want sunscreens I can trust! Sunscreen shouldn't be a lottery.


Terry | NZ$100

Its about time some thing was mandated



Good job Consumer

Debby | NZ$50

for our grandchildren

Glenda | NZ$20

mary | NZ$100

hopefully your champaign will ultimately save kiwis from skin cancer and thats amazing.

Vincent | NZ$20

You are doing great work for NZ'ers and I am happy to pitch in for a novel way to fund it

Amanda & Darryll | NZ$100

Michelle Soper | NZ$20

Vicki & Bryan Signal | NZ$50

Good one Consumer. We to have confidence in all the products we use. Looking forward to the results.


A great idea. Has the govt suggested why they are not funding this?


Time to bring some big Companies to account!

Carole May | NZ$50

Morag | NZ$10

The government should be doing this, it would save them in the long run with less skin cancer down the track

Martin | NZ$100

Keep up your fantastic work

Sylvia | NZ$100

Congrats on what you are doing.

Martin Jill | NZ$100

Gr8 work thanks

Jason | NZ$50

Essential tests and should be paid for by our Government. Happy to support in the meantime.

Alan | NZ$100

Joan | NZ$100

I don't want to see or hear of anyone using a sunscreen burnt because the product didn't work.

Marianne | NZ$1,500

What a great idea, getting in ahead of the next NZ summer, providing us with unbiased information, to protect ourselves and our families through appropriate sunscreen use.

Jack Wolfe | NZ$20