Donor Wall (41)

Genny | $26.27

Mommy of Barry & Ace I love you guys i hope this helps ❤❤

Jessica R. | $50

For Nefertiti. Thank you!

Judy | $52.23

Thank you for all that you do! - Judy Buder

Toni Cortese | $25

Miss you all.. me and my 9 kitties I got from Ccc send love.. stay safe!!

Kathy Tauro | $208

I hope this helps. The CCC volunteers are amazing!

Rebecca Cohen | $104.15

Hang tough guys. We'll get through this together. <3

Suellen Duga | $104.15

For benefit of nugget

Lynn Fraga | $259.92

This donation is from the Pratt & Whitney Military Engines Program Quality team in honor of our esteemed colleague, IDA GALL, and her retirement after 39 years of outstanding service! THANK YOU IDA!!

Marianne | $26.27/M

In honor of the many volunteers who do this for the homeless cats. Thank you.

Deb Hammond | $52.23

Theresa Lavenburg | $100

My favorite happy place! I hope this helps. 😊 Theresa

Anonymous | $104.15

Please use this to help with the dental work for those 4 sweet kitties.


Sophie | $26.27

Happy birthday, Paula!


Serena says Happy New Year!

Theresa | $104.15

Thanks for Hemy and Alfie (Floyd Sausage)!! And a special thanks for Dr. Ward!

Jill | $52.23

Lois Arsenault | $15.89

Kristen Lachniet | $104.15

Merry Christmas! On behalf of Loki and Juno (formerly Ruby and Sapphire when we adopted them from you in August) - thank you for all that you do.

Kathleen Santese | $100

Kathleen Santese | $100

Marco | $26.27

Amanda | $104.15

In honor of my beautiful niece, Claudia. Merry Christmas, I love you!

Lorrie St.Pierre | $104.15

Karen | $259.92

Sarah | $104.15

Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for the 2 wonderful cats I have now

Vee Nieves | $52.23

Maureen | $100

Calli wants to give this in memory of her 2 sisters she lost, Abby and Tinkerbell. and I want to Thank you both for rescuing me to be your mommy even if it for such a short time

Mary Mackiewicz | $10.70

Bless you for saving these precious lives. I pray those that tortured and killed the others, suffer the same fate. You are beautiful Angels for all you do to rescue these unfortunate kitties!

Anonymous | $52.23