Donor Wall (51)


This donation is in memory of my rescue cat Tess. She left us today after 18 years. She was sweet, funny, and loving.

Jakob and Molly M | $104.15

Kristin Fino | $623.36

Thank you for agreeing to take in the kittens I found in a woodpile! I am most grateful

Anonymous | $311.84

We wanted to use our stimulus check to give back to deserving non-profits - you helped us a lot almost three years ago when our new little kitty had recurring tummy issues. He and his sister are happy healthy young bundles of joy We'll forever be grateful!

Katie Walker | $665

Dolce | $50

This donation is honor of a recently lost fur friend, Dolce!

Clint | $311.84

Frank | $104.15

This is for Sox he's a great cat.

Katie Walker | $100

Anonymous | $500

Genny | $26.27

Mommy of Barry & Ace I love you guys i hope this helps ❤❤

Jessica R. | $50

For Nefertiti. Thank you!

Judy | $52.23

Thank you for all that you do! - Judy Buder

Toni Cortese | $25

Miss you all.. me and my 9 kitties I got from Ccc send love.. stay safe!!

Kathy Tauro | $208

I hope this helps. The CCC volunteers are amazing!

Rebecca Cohen | $104.15

Hang tough guys. We'll get through this together. <3

Suellen Duga | $104.15

For benefit of nugget

Lynn Fraga | $259.92

This donation is from the Pratt & Whitney Military Engines Program Quality team in honor of our esteemed colleague, IDA GALL, and her retirement after 39 years of outstanding service! THANK YOU IDA!!

Marianne | $26.27/M

In honor of the many volunteers who do this for the homeless cats. Thank you.

Deb Hammond | $52.23

Theresa Lavenburg | $100

My favorite happy place! I hope this helps. 😊 Theresa

Anonymous | $104.15

Please use this to help with the dental work for those 4 sweet kitties.


Sophie | $26.27

Happy birthday, Paula!


Serena says Happy New Year!

Theresa | $104.15

Thanks for Hemy and Alfie (Floyd Sausage)!! And a special thanks for Dr. Ward!

Jill | $52.23

Lois Arsenault | $15.89

Kristen Lachniet | $104.15

Merry Christmas! On behalf of Loki and Juno (formerly Ruby and Sapphire when we adopted them from you in August) - thank you for all that you do.

Kathleen Santese | $100