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Upbeat Financial | $535.10


Had a baby in 2021 and was fortunate enough to have a doula. This type of knowledge and advocacy fights medical racism. I hope that this small donation will help provide a doula to someone.

Holly | $415.68

Steph | $259.92

Joy Wegs | $348.18

This year, our family decided to NOT do secret santa gifts for the adults. Instead, we pulled the money that would go towards our secret santa gifts together to make a donation for Soul 2 Soul Sisters. We believe in your work!

Anonymous | $52.23

In honor of your fiercely spiritual uplifting, just-plain-good-juju...much gratitude for you all and your work in the world. Anonymous

Anonymous | $26.27

Jordan Alvillar | $52.23/M

So grateful for the work that Soul2Soul Sisters does!

Alicia Williams

Round Trip Goods LLC | $36.66



Pat | $52.23

Alan Thompson | $52.23

Sue | $52.23

Gail Landers | $52.23

So glad to hear of your initiative in Co. We have a partner group here in Wmspt., Pa. Genesis Birth Services

Collective Uprising | $141

We raised money for at the door of our first RISE TOGETHER! event by sharing stories of the important work Soul 2 Soul Sister is doing. We emphasized the Sacred Seeds Black Doula Collective program in our conversations.

Collective Uprising | $111

10% of the profit from Collective Uprising's first RISE TOGETHER! Pop-Up Event. We will continue to give 10% of our profit as a continued reparations gesture.

Matt Parish | $52.23

An Honor & joy to support this organization. The work you do is so important!


Thank you for all the wonderful work you do for black women, it’s inspiring and gives hope

Stephanie | $363.76

For one micro-grant - thank you for doing this and offering this!

Justin and Maren Bzdek | $104.15

Thank you for lifting us all with your work.

Kristen | $104.15

Anonymous | $104.15




Jessica George | $519.52

Transitioning Into Wholeness | $21.08

Thank you for all that you do❤❤

Lotte | $104.15

May this reparative contribution be just the beginning!


Deborah Clendenning | $519.52

May all the contributions give Black women a chance for some ease and rest