Donor Wall (101)

Ageno | $104.15

Glenda | $5.50/M

Janet | $104.15

The voter guide is amazing. May it inspire the wisdom and compassion needed in this election.

Tish | $52.23

Your voter guide is wonderful. Please keep providing this necessary service.

Anonymous | $10,030

Doula reparations

Collective Uprising | $52.23

10% of the profit from Spring + Summer sales. We make this payment as a form of ongoing reparations.

Glenda | $3.43

Thank you for creating this amazing organization. It lights up my spirit to contribute what I can even while homeless to a cause close to my heart.

Ink Lounge | $2,000

Ink Lounge did a fundraiser to support PPRM and raised more then expected so donating to additional organizations.


Elevation Law LLC | $52.23

Brenda Goodman | $41.85

In honor of Juneteenth, and the important blessing of Soul2Soul Sisters.

Leila | $52.23

Happy Juneteenth from a white privileged woman who has learned SO MUCH from the BLM movement. Thank you for opening my eyes and enriching my life!

Greg Davine | $52.23

Congratulations on your marriage Lane and Katie.


matthew newbold | $104.15

Jack Rogers

Jonathon Stalls | $47.04

Divine Earth Mother (1) and Being Anti-Racist (2) art prints at two recent markets. Love you all!


Thank you!

Celine | $100

On behalf of Sandra Auerbach, thank you for the good work you are doing!

Collective Uprising | $99

10% of the profit from Collective Uprising's Winter Pop Event. We make this payment as a form of ongoing reparations.


Thank you for all the important work you do!

Upbeat Financial | $535.10


Had a baby in 2021 and was fortunate enough to have a doula. This type of knowledge and advocacy fights medical racism. I hope that this small donation will help provide a doula to someone.

Holly | $415.68

Steph | $259.92

Joy Wegs | $348.18

This year, our family decided to NOT do secret santa gifts for the adults. Instead, we pulled the money that would go towards our secret santa gifts together to make a donation for Soul 2 Soul Sisters. We believe in your work!

Anonymous | $52.23

In honor of your fiercely spiritual uplifting, just-plain-good-juju...much gratitude for you all and your work in the world. Anonymous

Anonymous | $26.27

Jordan Alvillar | $52.23/M

So grateful for the work that Soul2Soul Sisters does!

Alicia Williams