Donor Wall (57)



Jessica George | $519.52

Transitioning Into Wholeness | $21.08

Thank you for all that you do❤❤

Lotte | $104.15

May this reparative contribution be just the beginning!


Deborah Clendenning | $519.52

May all the contributions give Black women a chance for some ease and rest

DeMeakie Hobbs

Erin | $31.46

Marcus | $150

I hope this help those in need!

Jalen | $21.08

With love <3

M.A.I. Therapeutic Services | $31.46

Stacey Aviva Flint | $37.69

Adam | $21.08

Ali Kammerling | $208/M

Jackie Larner | $519.52

May all beings cease from suffering. May all beings experience joy. I bow deeply to all. 🙏🏼

Ally | $208

Lotte Lieb Dula | $104.15


Tameca Coleman | $47.04

Thank you for helping in so many of our times of need, and thank you for providing resources, support, and community. Big love and many returns on this work. 🖤

Ash | $26.27

In honor of the lineage of Black Women warriors who made a way out of no way to care for, uplift and support my family since the beginning. Who fed the family and neighborhood kids from one pot and who worked themselves tirelessly through each and everyday. I thank you, I love you.

Niyankor | $26.27

This donation is in honor of my sister, Awar ❤️ who is a brilliant, kind and dope spirit. She constantly encourages me to lead from my love for my community and truly embodies what it means to love, honor and protect Black people, especially Black Women. I pray that every Black Woman has everything they need in order to fully thrive in this world.

Jessica | $208

Making this donation in memory of my paternal grandmother, Wilma Lorretta Howard to help Black Women who are staying strong & resilient during the COVID-19 pandemic. 🖤

Briana | $21.08

This donation is in memory of my mother, Kimberly Y. Simmons and my grandmother Lucretia Shaw ~ two Black Women whose shoulders I stand on 🌹

Anne M Comstock | $26.27

Janet Leversee | $104.15

Your support of black women inspires me. Thank you

Karen Ashmore | $363.76

In honor of my daughters Jasmine and Tamara, two beautiful, smart and savvy Black Women.

Debra | $208

This donation is a token of my love and support for Black women. It is contributed in honor of my mother, Wilmeth, and in memory of my grandmothers Myrtle and Margaret ❤️

Alice Horner Nelson | $52.23

Anne Scalfaro | $52.23

Giving in honor of the resilience of Tulacha (Laylay) Landers during her housing crisis. Grateful for how her spirit uplifts those around her, especially those in her beloved church community. And grateful to all the spirit-filled Black womxn who activate hope and joy into our world each and every day.