Donor Wall (108)

Mary McCallum | C$21.17

5 gold stars for doin it!

Jesse Gooding | C$104.25

Dorothy Maier | C$52.33

Emerson/Camdyn Sparvier | C$52.33

Juliano | C$104.25

Well done!! Thanks for doing this!

Brenda | C$21.17

Lyndsie Bachtold | C$21.17

Way to go!

Heather | C$52.33

Reid & Myrna Mossing | C$21.17

Dennis & Kathy Dewitt | C$21.17

Lyle & Carla Drew | C$21.17

Bernie & Tania | C$21.17

Brendan Lewis | C$104.25

Great work guys!!

FSIN - Vice-Chief Dave Pratt, Chief Dutch Lerat & Staff

Jade | C$130.21

So proud of you all!!

Owen Bachtold | C$260.01

Crystal | C$52.33

You guys are killing it! So proud!

Kayden Tanner | C$21.18

Makayla Johanson | C$21.17

Get riding guys!! So proud of you all.


As someone who lives with a serious mental illness I am grateful to anyone who raises awareness and funds for associations who are helping the vulnerable people within the community. Also 2020 has been a tough year for many so this fundraiser is much needed. Great work!

Kerrie Steininger | C$52.34

Mark’s Hauling | C$52.33

Way to Go Kailum Gervais, I believe in you.

Ashley Buffalo | C$52.34

Brooke Huska | C$21.18

This is so needed in our province! Keep up the amazing work πŸš΄πŸ½β€β™‚οΈπŸš΄πŸ»β€β™€οΈ

Michele & Gary Hoffert | C$104.26

Way to go Josh and team! Great work for a great cause!

Sara Rutledge | C$52.34

You guys are all amazing! Great work!



Kevin Wilson | C$104.26

Mattison Bomberak