Donor Wall (14)

Tara Mansouri | $50

Thank you for all of your amazing work! I learned about this organization through Dr. Pamela Yee's lecture online at the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, where I am currently a student. Thank you again!

John | $50

This is a game changer, and I'm thrilled to help the project move forward in this small way.

Brooke Kornegay | $100

Love this work!!!!

Brooke Kornegay | $100

Abigail Burke | $250

Thanks for what you are important to our current global health crises.

christopher logiudice | $20

For my friend Cindy

Pius Floris Plant Health Cure Netherlands | $500

Linda Ugelow | $100

I'm both impressed and grateful for your research and inventiveness. The results of your findings are truly remarkable with deep implications for our health. Thank you!

Mary Duke | $50

Giving in honor of my brother John Duke - Happy Holidays!

Joe Swanson | $100

Michele | $100

I attended a weekend in Brookfield a few years ago at Dan's farm and fell in love with this organization and its mission. I support and admire from afar for now but hope to attend the conference one of these years!

Fran McManus | $100

Connecting flavor, nutrition, environmental health, and economic viability for farmers is a vision for farming that I am happy to support!

CAm | $50

jim Bledsoe | $10/M

Yes Yes Yes