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I am signed up for your newsletters and took your survey. I would love to receive updates on how that survey is helping. Disheartened there's a need for your site, but so very grateful that it does exist. I am myself, a benzo w/d patient, having taken ativan prescribed for pain management during chemotherapy 17 years ago, never given any warnings. This is worse than the cancer treatments. Between you (education) and Benzobuddies (emotional support); you've each been saviors during this awful time. Much more light needs to be shone on this epidemic, addressing society/public awareness & education. Following the premature death by suicide of singer Chris Cornell (RIP), it was further distressing that no further light was immediately shone on this, esp. since his wife blamed Ativan. Sadly, this man had beaten alcohol and opioid addictions and made a new life for himself w/a young family. He was the face of redemption for many people of a certain generation. Drug addition is frowned upon by society and currently, there's no distinction between that and rx tolerance and w/d. This isn't a case of people abusing rx meds, but of taking them, As Prescribed. New faces need to be put on this by the media & Hollywood - of persons of every age. At this point, for myself, I have no idea, when or if I will have a return to life. I know that life will not be as before. There will be a new normal-hopefully, and I must believe it will be better than this. Thank you Benzodiazepene Information Coalition.

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