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Henk Reysoo | 25 €

Margriet de Smaele | 20 €/M

I gladly support you with a recurring monthly amount. Animal cruelty must be reported more visibly.

Elizabeth Abbott | 25 €

As a member of the Animal Protection Party of Canada, I am so pleased to see your Animal Reader!

Anushka Herathge | 10 €

Deeply disturbed by the events that unfolded in the recent past. There is continuous abuse of elephants in Sri Lanka, particularly in the name of upholding archaic traditions. I live in kandy and witness it every year. As an animal lover it is heartbreaking. Please do what you can to raise awareness and convince the powers that be.

Sue | 20 €

Wishing you all the luck & love in the world x


Good luck

Sarah R | 20 €