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Thank you for all the work you do! I have shared my story publicly on Amazon, and am donating all the proceeds to you and the Alliance. ~Neveen Radwan

Kim | $103.83

I cannot thank you enough. We are just starting our journey to recovery, and FEAST is a daily support.

Kimberly Shultz | $103.80

I, unfortunately, did not have the opportunity to meet or know Lindsay personally. However, if Lindsay was anything like her mom, she was an incredible human being. I can only imagine how greatly she is missed. Sending your family love, light, and healing.

Fleet Feet Bloomington

wendy ferguson | $100

FEAST is a trailblazer in a field that desperately needs it. Keep up the good work!

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Reichelt Versicherungsmakler | 500 €

F.E.A.S.T. steht Kindern und Familien in der schwersten Zeit des Lebens zur Seite. Sie schenken Hoffnung, Verständnis und wichtige Informationen. Wir sind darüber unglaublich dankbar und möchten unsere Dankbarkeit mit einer Weihnachtsspende Dank der aruna GmbH aus Berlin zeigen.

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The work of F.E.A.S.T. has changed the entire landscape of the eating disorder field in powerful ways that are very needed. The work is vital and ongoing and needs the support of families.

Anonymous | C$150

Thank you F.E.A.S.T for creating FIRST30DAYS program. It’s such an educational and supportive tool.

Anonymous | $56.21

Anonymous | $150

Thank you so much for being there to guide us through this!

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Eva | $103.83

I am so glad FEAST exists. Thank you for the hard work of all those who steer it.

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Thank you for being there when I needed to know I am not alone.

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Thankyou for the helpful articles & programs FEAST continue to deliver to support families caring for a loved one living with an eating disorder 🙏🏼


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