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Tracy | $103.83

Jennifer | $103.83/Y

Anonymous | $517.91

Great resource for families coping with a loved one with ED

wendy | $103.83

Heather | $259.11

Thank you for your support, wisdom, connection. It’s been so helpful even with all of the information provided by the ED specialized program my children is in, the parent/caregiver understanding is so important. Very soothing to my soul to know I’m not alone and that there is hope.

Kristine Baldo | $103.83

Thank you, F.E.A.S.T., for being there to help parents and caregivers of those with eating disorders with excellent information and support. You have helped save lives and prevent much suffering.

Michelle Lewis | ₪125.25

I was lucky enough to get the help I needed, and brave enough to take it. I am a survivor and I salute all of the parents who are standing by their children through the nightmare of eating disorders.

Rachel | $52.07

Karen Brehmer | $103.83

Thank you for providing information and hope to our family in our darkest hour.

Wendy-May Jacobs | $52.07

Thank you thank you thank you for your life-saving and loving work

Tiziana | £50


For saving me and my daughter at the worst time of our lives. She is now happy and healthy and we have a beautiful grandson- testament to the care shown by the Feast community when we were in deep trouble.

Elisheva Elazar | ₪156.30

Mary-Beth | £207.27

Bernhard Bambas | 259,06 €


Sue | £83.06

Feast is literally a lifesaver. Thank you for all you do for sufferers and carers, For Alice, who now has a healthy and happy future

Mira Mirka Jeremi | £41.65

In memory of Ania Hiles

Elisabeth Rudman | £52

Thank you


Thank you for being there, Sarah, UK

Anonymous | $103.83

Thank you for the First 30 Days Pilot program. You were it there for me at a time when I was completely overwhelmed and scared. Thank you to this amazing community!

Achilleas Mantzios | $52.07


Laura | $124.53


Thank you for all that you are doing. You don't know how much of an impact you are making. So incredibly appreciative. Can we go beyond 30 days? Scared this will run out and feel alone again....

Mum in hope HU | $31.37

Thank you FEAST that you helped so much in my darkest moment

Cynthia | C$52.16

Jennifer Aviles | $1,035.51

To recognize the “First 30 Days” pilot

May | $207.35

Thank you to all of you so much for providing the support and the resources to help us to get through the hard times...


Our sweet girl will be loved always