Donor Wall (18)

John Knox | $75

Thank you all for sharing your talent, time, and treasure with us. I'm proud to support your work and excited to see that GLOW is hosting!

Karla Haley | $104.15

David Haley and Karla Falat donating this amount on the name of Karen Falat as a Christmas gift



Joanna Sim | $200

On behalf of Emmalyn and Thomson Chen

Larisa | $114.54

From Bella and family

Michael | $100

Brilliantly done (shout out to Mme. Grove!). Sad that nearly 25,000 views and fewer than 50 donations. God bless you for your efforts!

Stephen | $20

Incredible work putting together such a beautiful video. Happy to donate for such a good cause.

McClure Family | $104.15

Thank you Jesus!

Brenda | $104.15

JESUS, WE WORSHIP & ADORE YOU!!! Thank You for leading us all into worship! Blessing The Body of Christ arising! Blessing His Bay Area, each and every one!

Michael & Cecile | $104.15

Marty Satalino | $104.15


Lori Clement | $10.70


Thank you for this remarkable rendition of Silent Night and for the work you are doing to raise awareness (and funds) to feed many this season!


Stephen Frieder

That was the most amazing tribute to the Lord....AMEN! We will give him all the glory!

Ethan Gutheil | $26.27

Love the unity y'all are bringing to Bay Area worship leaders and Christ followers! Excited for this initiative!

Lucas Parry | $26.27

The first donation brings good luck! :) So exciting to be a part of this wonderful project.