Donor Wall (135)

Lucy | £21

Wishing you every success in purchasing this piece of land.

Nicola | £200

I told my parents about the wonderful day volunteering here and the good things that are happening at Hazeland and upon hearing about it they wanted to give this donation!

Ewan | £50

Beatrice | £50

Happy Birthday James! Hope you have a wonderful day. All my love, Bea xxxx

Victoria | £31.37

For M, who supports this cause - a birthday gift that will last.

Anonymous | £41.77

Susan | £21

Jeni | £10.61

Bruce | £26.19

Bridget Spencer | £100

In memory of Alan and Hazel Whitefoot. I believe the donation should go towards “The Lark Woods” at Hazeland. With much love and gratitude for all their many kindnesses. Bridget and Jon Spencer


Have you done a full invertebrate survey? Buglife could advise you, no bugs, no birds.

Alan & Sue

This donation is made on behalf of our daughter-in-law Sarah which she requested as a birthday gift this year.

Christoper | £52.15

Lucas | £20

Thank you for such a great project, we can reach the target together!

Simon | £21

alison | £50

Thanks for a great talk this evening Nikki

David Clease | £15/M

This regular payment is being made on behalf of our 3 granddaughters, Rose, Jessica & Ivy

Trevor | £10.61

From Joseph (5 years old) to help planet earth

Gemma McGough | £750

Christian | £10.61

Anna George | £10.61

Nicky Sweetland | £52.15

Thank you for everything you are doing

Charlotte | £21

Happy 1st Birthday Eli!


Dave | £21


So that our grandchildren can have a better future!

Paul Nicholson | £52.15

This is the way of the future. I’m over 70 and won’t see these trees grow but my grandson will!

Susan | £25

Peter Moss | £25

This year we didn't get a Christmas tree, so half the money we would have spent goes here.

Simon Russell | £10

Avon is a way away from The South Downs where I live, but this really is a s Small World. Avon Needs Trees and we all benefit from them