Donor Wall (79)


Congratulations Genevieve and Matthew Green September 2020

Fritjof Koerber | £104.08

Having seen your work at Hazeland first hand, we simply must support your efforts for further purchases. This is urgent intervention for the region and our world

Ewan Gimson

Peter | £104.08

Keep going ANTs, we need far more of this

Bill | £100

Keep it up. Amazing that in 12 months the ants have success and are now moving to their next anthill

Ailie | £10.62

Such an inspiring cause.

Grant Mercer | £100.48

Thank you, Nikki, Dorian, and everyone else involved.

Grant Mercer | £33.50

Thanks to sewingjessbs3 who made bags we could sell to raise money for ANTs.

Tim Mason | £519.46

We have visited the site at Hazeland and found it well situated with a fishing stream at the bottom, a posh B&B and a good pub at the top of the hill. Well chosen! Looking forward to participating in some planting

Norman Abbott | £21.02

Thomas | £30

Keep up the good work!


Donation dedicated to my Dad, for Father's Day

Andy Chester | £26.21

Happy fathers day to Chris Noble

Anonymous | £5

Paul | £72.94

What a fantastic, positive project. More power to you. Paul and Sally

Colin Taylor | £10.63

So pleased to hear the news about Hazeland and look forward to helping out hopefully. Also donated £10 in March via My Giving Account Charities Trust.


Lucy asked for this for her birthday

Harriet | £20

So NEEDED. The project is moving along well. I admire you.This donation is from a friend.


Happy 60th Birthday to Andy!

Marjory Combe | £52.17

A birthday gift for Ewan Combe

Stephen | £50

Teresa | £10.62

I`m delighted that the area will get more trees. Great news. So pleased "Avon Needs Trees" has been established.

Heather | £52.16

Fritjof | £104.08

Briiliant project! Hope it happens soon and there will be many more to come

Prina | £74.86

Profit from our charity pop up cafe at Bristol University.

Joanna Poulton | £550

Thank you for all that you are doing to safeguard this planet for future generations.

angela | £31.39

Annemieke and Tim Waite | £519.45

Adam | £100

A great idea, something I am trying to do myself.

Aarti | £30

Thank you to Frome MC for hosting an excellent conference on how GPs can be greener and suggesting a donation to you.