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So that our grandchildren can have a better future!

Paul Nicholson | £52.15

This is the way of the future. I’m over 70 and won’t see these trees grow but my grandson will!

Susan | £25

Peter Moss | £25

This year we didn't get a Christmas tree, so half the money we would have spent goes here.

Simon Russell | £10

Avon is a way away from The South Downs where I live, but this really is a s Small World. Avon Needs Trees and we all benefit from them

Joanne McManus | £36.57

Donation for the Seend fund, made by Pauline Robertson at the request of Jo McManus in return for a Christmas Eve alpaca experience :-) Thanks Pauline!!


Simply love what you are is doing. Avon so Needs Trees !


Donation on behalf of BS9 Don’t Buy Anything

Steve and Viv Perry | £519.44

Having first been involved with ANT early last year, we wish to continue to support this fantastic project, both financially and as volunteers----long may it thrive and grow.

Lauren | £150

A Christmas donation on behalf of the Emerson-Peters-Brigham-Watson-Smiths! From Loz x

Janet Criucher


A Christmas donation for my sister Loz 😊

Katherine's Aerobics | £75

Donation from Katherine's Aerobics attendees. Merry Christmas!

Fritjof Koerber | £104.08

Having seen your work at Hazeland first hand, we simply must support your efforts for further purchases. This is urgent intervention for the region and our world

Sky Oakes-Nash | £10.62

Avon needs trees is a great charity. Trees take CO2 out of the atmosphere It’s so important to plant trees and protect woodlands , and one of the best ways to do this is to buy Woodland . Please support .

Francesca Tonkin

Happy Christmas 2019 to Hannah, James, Rachel and Matt from Granny and Grandpa

Eleanor Braney | £20

Catherine Dixon | £10.61

Thanks so much for a great talk tonight


Happy Christmas

Joanna | £1,412

This is the first instalment of funds raised to remember Fi Radford.

Alison Leaf | £10.61


Chrissy Holmes | £36.57

Thank you for all you do! So happy to be able to donate some money!

Madeleine | £21.01

Every small step counts

Diana | £30


Transform Training | £104.08

I’m so pleased to donate to this fund and appreciate what this organisation is achieving. We need trees, they are our lungs, we breathe with them.

Alison | £52.16

Doing a FutureLearn course on climate change has reminded me how important it is that do our bit locally to improve forest cover and carbon sinks - well done!

Monkey Business Design Ltd | £1,246.34

Project Offset fees from Monkey Business Design

Chris | £46.97

In lieu of Christmas Cards. Plant trees, don’t cut them down.