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Barney Maunder-Taylor | £200

Once a month I travel from Bournemouth to London and back on a Sunday; there are no trains when I need to go and I can't always take the coach. Avon Needs Trees is the perfect local(ish) way for me to offset the carbon emissions for the occasions when I end up going by car. My wife and I also LOVE the whole idea of the project and are very excited to see how it progresses!

David Martin | £20

Barbara | £52.16

This donation is a 50th birthday present for my brother Peter Williams who is an active supporter of this project. Happy Birthday Pete and all the best to this very worthwhile cause. love and best wishes Barbara

Anonymous | £52.16

£50 raised through the takings from Climate Friendly Bradford on Avon volunteers running a bar at an event in the town.

Sky Oakes-Nash | £10.62

Avon needs trees is a great charity. Trees take CO2 out of the atmosphere It’s so important to plant trees and protect woodlands , and one of the best ways to do this is to buy Woodland . Please support .

Anonymous | £519.45

So glad to be able to help create more woodland for future generations


This is for Eve and Lucas and their future.

Jamie Hanlon | £15.82

Deanna Walkom | £21.01

Mary Wingrove | £21.01

Rosemary Watkins | £31.39

Good luck with this excellent venture!

Beth | £21.01

Joe | £10.61

We need the trees to soak up carbon already there - not as "offset" for new carbon emissions.

Ann | £10.62

Happy Christmas Bill & Rowena.

Ann | £21.01

Happy Christmas to the Quantrill family. Avon Needs Trees is a exciting and positive project that will benefit all our communities in so many ways. Hopefully this is the first of many such projects!! Thank you ANT.

Anonymous | £40

Merry Christmas Avon, giving everyone a bit more oxygen 💚🎄🌲, love from the Home Oxygen Service, NSCP

Francesca | £30

Catherine | £21

Mark L Peti | £41.78

Juliet Carbin | £21.01

Happy Christmas Tony,Carolyn, Maddy and Sam xx

Juliet Carbin | £10.62

Happy Christmas Sasha and Russell xx

Rob, Keeley & Hattie | £100

Francesca Tonkin

Happy Christmas 2019 to Hannah, James, Rachel and Matt from Granny and Grandpa

Sue | £21.01

Merry Christmas Richard.

Nat Edwards | £21.01

Dear Mum and Nigel Merry Christmas

John Tarlton | £31.39

This is for Sue Nicholls. A wonderful and kind person, and a great advocate for climate action. She will be greatly missed. From John and Jill.

Anonymous | £21.01/M


Happy Christmas Dad! x


Happy Christmas Mum! x


This donation is in memory of Sue Nicholls, a wonderful lady who was a great friend.