Donor Wall (162)


Pleased to be finally able to make a small donation to this carefully thought through and important project

Keir Philip | £52.15

From the middle one to the management. Love you guys xx

Steve and Viv | £519.44

We have supported ANT for several years now, both through donations and volunteering---a great organisation doing essential and joyous work

Matthew | £50

A Christmas gift for my family.

Chris Yarrington | £15

For Sally Yarrington

Charlotte Garrett | £75

On behalf of Charlotte Garrett

Jim | £100


Dinah Scudder

What better Christmas Present than planting trees and helping save the planet

Kris | £20

Marina Sala

Thank you for all you do! X


This is for our great niece Bella Barke's birthday who wants to make the world a better place

Aga | £50

For your work, especially future tree planting at the new site at Stanley Lane.

Vanessa | £337.72

Thank you for all your hard work. And thank you to all those that sponsored Jeremy and I on our summer running adventures!

Chris Yarrington | £100

I can't wait to come down and do some tree planting at Stanley Lane soon!

Anonymous | £104.07

Trees are the planets lungs.

Matthew Short | £100

Fabulous news and wonderful for Chippenham!

Stella Lucia | £20

I've been keeping an eye on this for a while and happy to donate to your project for my offsetting a flight's emissions (with much guilt). Best of luck with your newer purchase and happy tree planting when the time comes!

Mark & Nicky | £52.15

Having just had a tour of Hazeland, it is so obvious how worthwhile ANT’s work is

Martin Symington | £50

From Martin and Hennie

Adam Chart | £230

Guy Hodgson | £50

More trees please!

SFW Communications Ltd | £100

I have just been inspired by my visit to Hazeland and am sure will be able to achieve equally great things at Stanley Lane. Thanks for everything you are doing.

Jonathan | £5.42


So pleased to be able to contribute to this investment in protecting our local environment and carbon reduction.

Simon Vowden | £10/M

Keep up the good work : )

Adam Chart | £200

Lucy | £21

Wishing you every success in purchasing this piece of land.

Nicola | £200

I told my parents about the wonderful day volunteering here and the good things that are happening at Hazeland and upon hearing about it they wanted to give this donation!

Ewan | £50