Donor Wall (49)

Sandra Austin | A$21.14

Just a Wonderful Achievement from very Caring Folk who Love this Radio Station THANKS for everything

Houston Fit Five | A$52.18

All the best guys

NAV A | A$2.49

Reece Melvin | A$50

Keep up the great job all, Such a fantastic time of year sucks I couldn't make it in but well done team! Keep donating all! #golions

Audrey & Pete | A$70

Anonymous | A$52.18


Spearwood Uniting | A$50

Level 1 Melanoma Skin Cancer Clinic | A$230.48

We like what you do!

Lockie | A$111.11

1 is a good looking number.

Jeremiah | A$50

Australian Christians

Keep up the good job! The team at Australian Christians WA 👍

Enquiries Youth Jam | A$250

Mon | A$31.49

You are quite an inspiration, keep on it!

Create Footprints | A$207.47

Francesca De Nuccio | A$36.67


Joe | A$10.79

Good job Jason and crew for taking care of business

Kellie | A$50

Dan Flynn | A$103.95

Pray for you guys. Get out there and spread the good news.

Isaac Lopiyong | A$50

Doing a good job guys. Keep it up. Love and miss yiall

Wilma | A$52.19

Great work Jaxon and crew

Malar Anand | A$31.49

Keep it going guys!! All of you are amazing :)

adrian | A$52.19

Jeremiah Judd | A$3

Mon | A$43.04

Thank you for your work, you are truly amazing!

NAVVVVVVVvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv | A$3.54

Dyana Ebian | A$21.14

Spearwood Uniting Church | A$100

James | A$10

Love waking up to the Sunday morning variety hour, keep the good vibes coming

Anonymous | A$10

paul | A$21.14