Donor Wall (31)

Candida Rubalcaba-Rivera | $67.60


Thank you for everything you do!

Thor Young | $100

Dion Coakley

Melanie Moore

In loving memory of my incredibly creative and courageous mom.


Honoring the memory of Ken Gilliland

Marilyn Harryman | $103.83

Barbara | $67.60

My son will choose The Crucible over his VR headset, which is huge — then he’s engaging and growing in the real world

Anonymous | $31.37

Glad The Crucible is still around and empowering us all to do/learn more.

Hunter Irvin | $103.83

Absolutely love the work you do to support local industrial arts!

Duy Thai | $100

Stephanie Berger | $103.80


David | $67.60

Larry | $31.49

Deborah Smyth | $259.11

The world is better because The Crucible exists.


A brilliant and under-appreciated artist who inspired so many others...

Autumn Adamme

As a professional artist myself, I am endlessly grateful to my early teachers. Without their encouragement and knowledge I certainly wouldn’t be the person I am today!

Sophie Fanelli | $103.83

Peter Moore | $259.11

Maria Giudice | $103.83


The work The Crucible has done in the last few years during this incredibly challenging time has been inspiring and so needed. #arttransformslives

Lisa Barto | $67.60

Chris and Jana Pastena | $1,553.11

My grandma, Emily, was a talented artist who would have loved The Crucible.

Larry Rosenstein | $103.83

Chris and Jana Pastena | $2,588.30

In memory of my mom, Sari, a talented artist who loved to create.

Jim Jackman | $517.91


In honor of Susan and with gratitude for your continued efforts to make art accessible to all.

Anonymous | $250

Beautiful inspiring video about Ashala! The Crucible is making the industrial arts accessible to all.

Anonymous | $259.11

A great community resource!