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On the19th of April 2016 the Alliance for Peace and Freedom officially opened up the Georgios and Manos Centre in Brussels. By then it had already been up and running for more then a month – but it was the first time the public was invited. 

During this period of time the Headquarter have been working as an office and a meeting place for both nationalists living in Brussels as well as for the many nationalists who are visiting or working there in periods. Conferences, lecturers and gatherings have been organized – the Georgios and Manos Centre, have become the symbol of nationalism in the otherwise Eurocratic city.

The opening of the headquarter have not got unnoticed by the press, the European establishment or the leftists. Rather the opposite. Throughout the year there have made numerous of attempts to shut us down. Demonstrations and meetings have been organized – several of them have escalating into violence and vandalism. The European Parliament have illegally withheld our funding – despite that we have been recognized as a European party for the year 2017. Members of parliament, especially from the socialists have been furious that we have a headquarter in their own neighborhood. But we are still standing strong!

To keep the headquarter is a matter of principle, it is a matter of showing the socialists, the press, the leftists and the “political elite”, that their efforts and their ugly methods will fail. Together we are strong.

If only 100 nationalists and patriots would contribute with 15 euro/ month, the Headquarter would be safe for the rest of the year. Help us send a message: We are here to stay – times are changing – globalism is losing and nationalism is winning.