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Jennifere Urmson | $1,000

Douglas Troyer | $519.52

Jose loved having the garden and trees to teach his kids; watching them make the connection with science, nutrition, health, and community.

Steven DeSalvo | $100

Esther | $100

Barbara Tyler

Marilyn Carmona | $184

Robyn Wheeler | $2,500

Love what you are doing. Keep up the great work in building a truly inclusive community on the peninsula.

Catherine Martineau

Benjamin | $1,661.79

Alexandra Lopez

Anne Martin | $104.15

Erin | $75

Rafael | $1,661.79

Claudine Naganuma

Sheri | $104.15

Jeanmarie Donovan

Joel & Joel Gallant/Meneses | $500

Johnathan Robertson

David Artis | $623.36

Peter/David Trippi/Orcutt | $623.36

We echo what Garrick and Bob wrote above, and we are certain that José will always live on through the students he loved and nurtured, many of whom are already adults.

Lisa Fremont

zohreh | $21.08

Lauren Cree | $52.23

Annamarie Nelson


Annette Kaufman | $52.23

Richard and Dan

Rosa Lopez

Angie Sticher | $104.15

Bob and Garrick Guter and Ohlsson

We will never forget José's stories of his students and the love and dedication he brought to his teaching. He was a force for good in the world.