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I want to make a Minecraft clone so get to it please. Thank you

Yanik | $50

Keep it up everyone! This project is awesome!

Giovanni Dejan | $3

I hope Amethyst grows faster and has UI editor.

Mitchell Falvo | $10/M

It is my dream to one day develop games in Rust as a job. You guys are making that possible, and for that, I thank you.


Amethyst rocks! Keep up the amazing work!

Troy | $100

Kalin Dimitrov | $24

Keep going

Khionu Sybiern | $50/M

Hugo Lindsay | $100/M

Let's make it happen!

Paolo Roth | $10

Linus | $10/M

Great work! I agree with Daniel, web support would be amazing in the future!

Peter | $30

Amethyst has huge potential, would love to see it flourish! Keep up the good work :)

Jem | $10

Awesome work! Keep it up!

Kiffin Gish | $50

Can't wait to help get things up and running, so hopefully I can help out in one way or another.

Chris | $50

Wishing you the best in open source gaming land!

Ertugrul Karademir | $10

Thanks for creating a rusty tool.

Benjamin Wasty | $5/M

Andrey Lesnikov | $5/M

I'm using the ggez engine for Zemeroth atm, but it would be cool to write my next game using Amethyst :)


Daniel | $10/M

Keep the good work! interested to see progress on the web! (❤️WASM+WebGPU)

Noah Lidell | $10

What game engine does reality run on? What even is a complex number...???

Alve Larsson | $10

Nathan Stocks | $100

Hoping for a great future with Amethyst.

Marco Alka

Patrick Meyer | $5/M

I hope to see Amethyst become the standard for high-performance Rust games development.

doomy | $10/M

Oliver | $15

c o n s t

Sami | $10

💎💜 Keep up the great work!

Siim | $10/M

happens | $10/M

🎺 doot doot 🎺