Donor Wall (43)

JoAnn Cook | C$25

Nick Servos | C$100

Christiane Colman | C$52.32

Thank you for your dedication!

Brad | C$104.24

Thank you John for everything you do, your passion and commitment to all wildlife is inspiring.

Wally | C$52.32

I hope the message of this campaign can be shared in B.C. as well. We can't take anything current to be protected forever.

Angie Birch | C$52.32

Ngoc-Yen Lam | C$25

Thank you for providing a voice for the voiceless.

Duncan MacFarlane | C$26.36

It is unbelievable that this would be reinstated...

Carlos Marrero Reiley | C$25

Thank you John for your commitment with our ecosystem and wildlife. But specially thank you for articulating your initiatives and putting them into practice so that we (the general public) can take action and help prevent the trophy hunting in AB again.

James Keith Dickson | C$104.23

I love seeing the incredible grizzlies throughout this province and it would break my heart if the cruel and unnecessary trophy hunt was reinstated.

Joan Mlynarczyk | C$104.23

I admire your work to protect Grizzly Bears from this Alberta Hunt and your diligent efforts to improve the world around us. I am honored to contribution and hope that it will help provide you with the resources you need to continue your endeavors. You can be assured that your efforts are greatly appreciated not only by me but by many Canadians. I was first introduced to the Grizzly Bear last October on your photography tour and was truly amazed by their beauty.

Rachel Beardsley

Banff was our home for a couple of years and itโ€™s unimaginable to think this could be passed. I hope this project gets the exposure it deserves.

Bart Kalshoven | C$25


I appreciate the work your doing. I live in Hawaii, but love visiting Alberta. My wife and I have family in Canmore and Banff. Please keep fighting to protect our wildlife. Aloha, Mika

Christian Passeri | C$50

William Baines | C$104.24

The GTFO Company | C$1,038.82

The GTFO Company and Ambassadors are huge supporters of protecting our Grizzly Bears from trophy hunting!!

Paula Mendoza | C$104.24

Keep up the good work!! Letโ€™s protect our wild animals and their future!

Susan Tuckey | C$104.24

Such important work. @penguins2polarbears, we support you all the way!

Shelly | C$250

Happy to support this cause. Good luck with the fundraising!


Peter | C$104.24

Keep up the great work.

Annabel | C$52.32

Sherry Whitman | C$104.24

Honoured to contribute. Will happily volunteer time if need be.... You are an inspiration ๐Ÿ™ Thank you ๐Ÿ’—

Greg & Nancy Cote | C$104.24

Gayle | C$26.36

Thank you for the opportunity to support the Exposed Wildlife Conservancy and help fund the documentary.


Michelle | C$104.24


Definitely worth saving, amazing creatures!

Paulette Krewusik | C$52.32

The Krewusik Family sends this donation with gratitude to you for your efforts! Here's to Grizzlies and Glaciers :)