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Black Sustainability, Inc. | $103.83

Kwadwo Tafari | $1,035.51

Please can we support our brother. He is the most knowledgeable man on African issues and gives me hope for our people. He deserves our support. Being an unapologetic Pan-African is possibly the most thankless job on the planet but brother Obadele is doing an excellent job. I’m sure he would have been successful in any endeavour but he has committed his life work to the liberation of Africans and that is to be supported and commended.

Thierry Louis | $52.07

This a token of gratitude for the countless hours of wisdom that you have given to me personal Dr. Kambon. This also for practical reasons, because we need this!


Blacknificent Family Together


Mawusi Kofi | $21.01

LaTasha Robinson | $21.01/M

My duty as an Afrikan Woman

Sandra | $207.35

Forward ever! Love the design and the view is magnificent. Thanks for your part in the upliftment of our people.

Grayson Matthew | $52.07

I member Gray Sun highly support you and your family's eternal success and acknowledges you and your family as world leaders.

Abena Baakan

I would be honored to give just a small amount to this endeavor a university of truth Wow I am looking forward to it. I pray that the Gods will allow me to see it come to fruition

Adofo | $21.01

Michelle | $41.72

Many Blessings

LaTasha Robinson | $21.01/W

May you get everything you need expeditiously to continue your fight in liberating Afrikan minds-Ase'