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Bring Light into Darkness!

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    Shalom from Jerusalem,

    The festival of Chanukah marks a stirring moment in history when God delivered our people from spiritual destruction. The Greeks sought to eradicate the Jewish faith. Despite their efforts, we miraculously persevered. We defeated our spiritual enemies, rededicated the Temple, and kindled the Menorah that miraculously burned for eight days. God shined His light upon us during our darkest moment. The God of Israel kept His promise.

    Today, once again our faith is under attack.  Millions of evangelical Christians are relentlessly targeting our people for conversion.  To the horror of Jewish communities worldwide, well-funded missionaries are engaging in an unyielding campaign to evangelize the Jewish people.  Thousands of Messianic churches that are deliberately designed to appear as synagogues are spreading worldwide. They are now devoting enormous resources and manpower to get Jews to know about Jesus.  Moreover, missionaries are deceptively infiltrating our communities by posing as Orthodox Jews.  This is a growing and very disturbing development in the Jewish world.
    Thank God, we have been able to save so many Jews from the Church and reach thousands of people around the world with the light of Torah. So many precious souls are returning to the truth and beauty of the Jewish faith.  We work tirelessly to close down missionary channels in Israel and expose missionaries posing as Orthodox Jews who fraudulently penetrate Jewish communities worldwide. 
    Each day, tens of thousands people around the world are inspired by our exciting videos on YouTube.  So many lost souls are coming home. This vital Torah channel has transformed so many lives. Yet tragically, so many remain in the Church have not been reached. We must not leave one neshama behind.  Not a single soul.
    The work of helping people lost in the Church is not simple or inexpensive.  Would you consider giving from what God has given you so that our work can continue?  

    Outreach Judaism urgently needs your support so that we can move ahead with numerous programs that are touching the lives of thousands of people each day. Your generous support makes it possible for us to bring so many lost souls to the God of Israel and His holy Torah.

    Please help us rekindle the Menorah in the midst of this endangered and vulnerable generation, and may we together merit to witness the coming of the true Messiah quickly in our time.
    Thank you so much for your generous support. 
    May Hashem bless you with a joyous Chanukah,

    Rabbi Tovia Singer