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May all Israel be Blessed with Dew from Shamayim

Lee Rosenthal | $72


Rosh Hashana 5780 is 39th Anniversary of the Yaherzit of my late father David ben Shamaai in his merit and in gratitude for all of the hard work Rabbi Anava does to inspire us.


Martha Rodriguez

Thank you for your dedication in teaching The Torah in a way that we can understand and apply it in our daily lives. You are an inspiration and you challenge us to work on ourselves so that we can become better and in turn help others. Many blessings to you, your wife & children. Shalom!!!

L. V.

Rabbi Thank you for your inspiring Videos and work

Rus Devorah Abrams | $100


David Goldenberg | $100

John Ramey | $18

Rabbi thank you for the YouTube videos!

Shawn | $1,000

Keep Up the amazing work

Anonymous | $18/M

May You be so kind to say a few moments of prayer for Adam ben Lea and Sarah Michal bat Basha on a regular basis and we will donate to Atzmut on a regular basis. May Hashem send a growing number of patients we can successfully help to improve their well being as profoundly as possible. And to find our Soulmates, create a group of friends / lightworkers who sincerely love and uplift each other to serve humanity with Hashem’s intimate guidance and utmost blessing. We dedicate this wish for the benefit of our family, all families and all who we meet to bring Moshiach closer every moment to transform suffering into growing powerful Love, Joy, Total Spiritual Awakening and Abundance for all humanity. Thank you so much and kind Greetings Adam ben Lea

Sima | $1,050

Keep up the AMAZING work you do!!

rami | $18

Gabor Menczelesz | $180

Yuval Bekhor | $5

Rabbi Anava is intelligent and witty and presents the Torah in a way that we can all understand. Thank you. It helps us all a lot especially through difficult times !

Yuval Bekhor | $18


Thank you for everything that you do for Kellal Israel.

Maor | $180

Thank you for all that you do & for inspiring us daily to become a better us. May you be blessed with health and abundance. Maor

Chaim Spira | $18

Evan | $18

Jeffrey Zonen | $180

Thank you for all that you do.

Felix Rentz | $54

Thank you Rabbi Alon Anava for all the informative Shiurs

Sophia | $36

Keep doing your wonderful work Rabbi Anava! You have inspired me.....

רן לימור | $180

Sima | $1,500

I am happy to support the amazing work Rabbi Anava is doing


Sima Singhal | $500

Keep up the amazing work!!