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Ariel Rackman | $10,000

Jacob Zarrabi | $126

Anonymous | $36

Happy to know Rabbi is back home with his family!

Arkady Babakhanov | $50

Arkady Babakhanov | $50

marlene | C$236

refuah shlaymah

yehudah salant | $36


For Be’er Myriam Project

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Gilah bat Tirza

Shana Tova and G'mar Chatima Tova


Jane Hayes | $50/M

A complete refuah for Rabbi Alon Anava and to Yehudis Chava Bat Beila Lily and for the entire Klal Yisrael and MOSHIACH NOW! And that my children and all the children of Israel have a desire to serve G-d and worship him and only HIM in peace and JOY!

Dennis Tate | $50

I have been attempting to encourage Gentiles to listen to the near death experience account of Rabbi Alon Anava and then take another look at Matthew chapters four, five, six and seven. If they discern no correlation at all I would find that rather shocking.

Benn Solomon

Baruch HaShem, May His Beit HaMikdash be rebuilt again and Let all am Israel repent and return back to Jerusalem. Let the Masihach come soon.

Susana | $50

Thank you for your cds, lectures, and everything you do. May you all be inscribed and sealed in the book of life for a wonderful year.


Thank you Rav Anava! May Hashem bless you (and your family) to continue your important and beautiful work!

Isay Yusufov | $50

Thank you for all the gems of Torah that you spread around. Really enjoy your style of teaching. Have a happy and sweet year!

T Gonyer | $50

Aby Sakkal | $1,000


Capparot, Michael, David, Sarah, Ester, Merav, Miriam, Chanah, Yehudit. Erev Yom Kippur 2019


May the work you do be fruitful in order to return us to the unity of One Jewish Soul, so we can usher in the Messianic Age speedily in our days.

Janice | $18/M

May you keep bringing many neshamot back to Hashem's path.

Thomas Harris | $20

Please visit my new website

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Thank you Rabbi Alon Anava and team from the Nathan family in Australia!

Jeffrey | $180