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Michal Lieskovec | $30

thanks a lot Mr Rabbi

Dorin Leuce | $100

In the honor of my Beloved Mother Hana bat Miriam, Endless life to her in the holy meaningful teachings of Tanach and May her soul and mine be comprised in the bouquet of The holy ones, The live ones chosen by Almighty God Hashem Bless all of you forever Dorin Leuce from Romania

Anonymous | $20

check out our website:

Anonymous | $50

Baruch Hashem

Shimshon Sorkin | $50

For a zchus for shimshon chaim hakohen ben sima leah for a shidduch and all yeshous.

Israel Levanen | ₪617

peter cooper | $1,000

Anonymous | $36

Thank you for all your wonderful teachings!


Thank you Rabbi Anava for your truth and wisdom

Hilda Yael Farkas | $50

Cezary Rykowski | $20

Thank you Rabbi for your beautiful and insightful Youtube videos. It's a pleasure to learn from you. Best wishes

Cezary Rykowski | $20

Anonymous | $20

Please check out our new website and turn your telescopes to the north quadrant at night.

Anonymous | $180

Ariel Rackman | $10,000

Jacob Zarrabi | $126

Anonymous | $36

Happy to know Rabbi is back home with his family!

Arkady Babakhanov | $50

Arkady Babakhanov | $50

marlene | C$236

refuah shlaymah

yehudah salant | $36


For Be’er Myriam Project

Sophia Katz | $360

Brenda Ehrlich | $180

Yarden Keren | $110

Hinda | $50


Lana Grumberg | $50

Gilah bat Tirza

Shana Tova and G'mar Chatima Tova