Donor Wall (66)

William Kogut | $100

Online Auction | $3,420

Proceeds from our first ever online auction. Special thanks to Don Mack and other Emerald alumni, friends and business partners who donated auction items.

Mallard Properties | $200

John Knowlton | $200

John Mitchell | $100

Jim & Angela's challenge

Jim Gregory | $5,000

Matching donation from Jim Gregory and Angela Carmen.

Jacob Berg | $50

Jerril Nilson | $100

The ODE night desk was littered with life lessons in the late 1970s. Thanks to all the fabulous humans that continue to support independent student journalism.

Shawn Medow

Torrie McAllister | $1,000

The Emerald and our amazing team gave me the courage to speak truth to power as a young woman in what was very much a man’s world. I am especially grateful to Randy Schilts, who dropped into the newsroom one day to ask if he could cover the gay community. He devoted his all too brief life frank and fascinating and unflinching stories that helped change minds. The Emerald, as a free and independent press, shaped me as a woman—made me fearless with an open heart and mind to an ever complex and imperfect world.

Mark McTyre | $100

I owe so much to the Emerald for providing the building blocks to a fulfilling sports journalism career and lifelong friendships. Go Ducks!

Monte & Liz Enbysk | $100

Bob Thompson | $1,000

Clark Allworth | $75

Linda and Matt McCormick | $250

Doug Bates | $100

Linda Cheney | $100

Phil Semas | $50/M

tyler mack | $100

Richard Bella | $100

The Emerald gave me the building blocks for a 40-year career in journalism. I hope it will keep doing the same for others.

Donovan Mack | $1,000

My experiences as an ODE reporter in the tumultuous late ‘60s were invaluable and launched my 35-year career in the newspaper business. An independent, student-driven news organization is an essential ingredient to an informed and engaged campus community.

Eder Campuzano | $250

Charles Butler | $25

Anna | $10

Kris Travis | $50

Skyla | $10/M

Jael Calloway | $10

The Emerald is a gem

Jeff & Laura Smith | $250

Will Reeve | $150

Michelle Rondestvedt | $50