Donor Wall (25)

Linda Johnson | $148.90

As the Gallatin Council Exec. Dir., I was blessed to work with Wendy for about 3 years.

Trade Risk | $250


Jessica Wester | $45.71

Lauren | $26.11/M

Judith Moor | $103.50

Gsil Watters | $45.71

Thank you, Wendy, for all you do, and specifically for my daughter’s counseling!

Rod & Nora Brunner | $45.71

Rod & Nora Brunner Rod was on the board for many years and he so appreciated Wendy's wonderful spirit

Alaina Lammer Knight | $45.71

What a difference one person can make! Thank you Wendy.

adrian utsch | $45.71

Thanks for supporting those in need

Stasia Per | $44

May Wendy’s legacy live on

Glee Dunbar

Thank you Help Center for all you do!

Mary-Frances O'Connor | $440

Rebecca Abrams | $45.71

In memory of Marguerite Kirk

Barbara Estinson | $31.27

Wendy, I was Barbara Heath and a volunteer at the Help Center in the early days. You shared your wonderful home with me and my family when we had no place to live for a time one summer. You have been one of the great influences in my life. I later earned my masters' in counseling and had a 20 year counseling career before I retired. You still inspire me. Thank you so much.

Mary & Lee Schulz | $100

We just moved to Bozeman 17 months ago but loved reading about your work! Thank You!

David Buchanan | $1,032.19

Mike | $44

We are all inspired by Wendy!

Mandy St. Aubyn | $45.71

For Wendy!

Diana Willson | $45.71

This woman has the most beautiful spirit!

Kate Lundberg | $44

Heather Grenier | $45.71

This community is a better place thanks to Wendy.

Anne Hossner | $45.71

Cathy Weber | $51.90

Wendy V is a national treasure!

Kristin & Steve Enoch | $103.50

Thank you for your 44 years of service, Wendy! You are invaluable to our community.