Donor Wall (16)


Glad to support FBC in their important work!

Ramona L'Heureux | $50

I am a member but this is a gift to a friend. She will be a new member.

Tricia | $100

This year, more than ever, our family has been so grateful for FBC's trails and preserves. Thank you for all you do for our community.

Hazel Stark

Beyond the critically important role of conserving lands for the benefit of all, FBC takes it one significant step further by incorporating outdoor education into their work, inspiring even more people to connect to and learn from the natural assets of their own backyards.


Happy Birthday Paul, hope to walk every one of the trails with you!

Tim & Liza Fisher | $50

After the first 2 months of COVID, my daughter and I needed to get out and do something big. Our plan to check out your Schoodic Connector Trail turned into a one-way 20 mile hike hitting 7 open peaks and only crossing one road to Tunk Mt! Creating this one trail makes possible a spectacular wilderness experience that's very rare in this world!


Thanks to all at FBC for the work you do for the Union River, which is so dear to our hearts!

Amelia Christ | $25

Amelia (age 8) was inspired by a Jordan Homestead hike to build fairy houses in the woods

Amelia Christ | $25

Max (age 11) trains for soccer by running the Salt Pond Trail

Charlotte Parshley | $25

Charlotte (age 3) loves to hike in the woods

Charlotte Parshley | $25

Eleanor (age 5) loves socializing at Monday Music


Grateful to know my back yard will look like it does today long after I’m gone. Grateful to hike on trails kept by FBC and other partners in the area. Sometimes they feel like the most wonderful “locals” secret, especially if compared to how busy Acadia is. Thank you for all you do in our community!

Nanci | $25

Joanna Sands | $50

Thank You for all you do to help us get up and get outside! Love the Tidal Falls concerts!

Thomas Massey | $50

Somebody design a great car decal! I can't wait to get back to Pigeon Hill in three weeks.

Matthew Buckley

Proud to support our local trails & conserving Maine's land for the future. Thanks to FBC and all they do!