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Shirley Mazor

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Thank you FEAST. You have made the journey through this terrible disorder much less lonely for me and my family. Member insights and expert material give me the courage to walk beside my girl on her road to recovery. She is recovering.

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My daily email helped me grow, learn, and change throughout the beginning stages of my daughter’s illness. I can’t thank you enough for all the support you have brought/given me.


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Thank you

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Muito Obrigado! Thank You so much!


Nicholas | $61.22

This is for Ella. We are here for you as a family and we will get through this together.

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Steven Davis | $300

What an amazing offering. This has been the best knowledge source and we have been so grateful to be introduced to it. Thanks for all your help and Nicky Wilson your a star.


This was one of the most powerful programs I've seen


Thank you for this great service! I hope many families will continue to benefit from F.E.A.S.T!

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V | $62.42

Thank you so much for this service. It was the rock I needed during this very difficult and lonely stage of my life, to remind me that I need to be strong for the both of us and keep things moving forward.

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