Donor Wall (64)

Tenneyl | C$26.37

Tenneyl Menke | C$26.37

Anonymous | C$26.37

Thank you for your dedication in completing your journeys. It keeps you fit while adding to a cause. Well done everyone

Ricki &Matthre Beutler | C$52.34

Jade Bachtold

So happy to be involved in another great BFMH! Way to go Spencer!!

Sheena & Randy | C$260.01

KEEP pedalling for mental wellness. Way to go!!

Sheena & Randy | C$260.01

Wow you did it!!! Such a worthy cause

Sherry Shumay | C$104.25

Way to go team!

Warren and Crystal Blundell | C$50

Graham Lees | C$104.25

Wendy | C$52.33

The Gray highway has never seen so much athleticism. You go girls!

Kianna Blundell | C$104.25


Meagan Turgeon-Waltee | C$52.33

Braiden Miller | C$21.17

Lucy | C$31.56

Rise Strength Lab | C$1,250

Cameron | C$20

Woohoooo go brooke! We love you!

Scott & Brittany Johnson | C$52.33

So proud of Braden! You go dude!

Colton K | C$208.09


Tim & Erika Bomboir | C$208.09

Great job to all the riders - thanks for the huge part you are playing in helping others!

Mona | C$52.33

Angie Hicks | C$26.37

Gooooo, Amanda and team! So proud of you! And what an awesome cause! ❤️

Véronique | C$21.17

Tyler Kowalchuk | C$104.25

Great job Carm & team!!


Breanne | C$52.33

Terry Schmidt | C$260.01

Pat and Norman Churn | C$52.33