Donor Wall (8)

Trisha | $100

Ruth and Curt have created an amazing organization that helps sustain life for so many. It's a brilliant concept.


ROE is a win, win, win for the people of Marin. Thank you for the outstanding contribution it makes to our community.

Peter Engler | $300

Your dedication to the elderly in need of others support us terrific.


Thank you for helping me help others. We must care for our elders together.

Dale | $300

You guys are the best! Here a few "Franklins" to keep your vehicles on the road.

Larry Tackett

Respecting Our Elders not only provides food for us in Marin county, it also gives us hope for our humanity, respect for each other, and creates a context of generosity that is at the heart of our growth. I’ve been a volunteer recipient since it was founded. My ROE volunteer days are my best days of the week.

Alicia Forester | $100

Debra | $100

Thank you Ruth and Curt for consistently doing whatever it took to provide much needed food for so many throughout the years. You’re both incredible models for what’s good in our world.