Donor Wall (13)

Arthur | $30

Bill DeBlasio | $51.96

Keep rocking Island! Love, The Impala Club

Jay and Michele Welch | $20

Just saw some old early 60's video of your dragway and then looked ya up. Saw your need and thought we'd help. It's not much but every dollar counts I'm sure. God bless you!!

Bill Thiele | $103.62

Want you to be there. Maybe I should get there, too, for a change.

Bob Romano | $516.84

bill fee | $51.96

B & B Racing Enterprises | $100

Bruce Gaylen

Dennis Grejda

Keep your chin up and it'll keep your eyes and mind on achieving your goals!

Thomas Calabro | $103.62

Keep up the fight better days ahead ! May everybody give green $

Monty Sabo | $20.97

Thank You for all you've done for the drag racing community.

Scott Sulzer | $20

“So sorry to hear about the bad year you are having.I have been coming to this race track for over 30 years, where else can you go for a $15.00 admission fee for most races and have Fun Day? Let’s try to keep Island Dragway Open and donate what you can! Good Luck and may the Peace of Christ be with you! Scott A. Sulzer, Roseto PA.

Jerry Schlomer