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    This campaign will help fund our education centers. Each education center will provide resume building, internet safety, and basic computer skills. This center will provide education in basic math, english, history, science, technology, programming and more.

     This fund keeps our ministry going. Help support us and be a part of a team of people that want to see our local community thrive and have just as much access to online resources as someone that *doesn't* fall between the gap in the digital divide.
    * The gulf between those who have ready access to computers and the Internet, and those who do not.
    " A worrying “digital divide” based on race, gender, educational attainment, and income"

    ***Any monthly subscription of $25 or greater gets you a free 4:10 t-shirt. 

    ***Any monthly subscription of $75 or greater gives you the chance to lead classes if that is something you would enjoy doing! An invitation to be at every Board Meeting of 4:10 Ministries and a Free 410 t-shirt.

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