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Early Bird's Mission

Early Bird Music is a labor of love and passion for discovering music. That passion requires a lot of time and money investment to keep running, but I'm more than happy to do it because I enjoy creating a go-to destination for people to discover their new favorite artists, songs, and playlists.

Since starting the site at the beginning of 2018...

* Covered more than 100 shows,

* Interviewed over 50 artists,

* Posted over 40 show galleries,

* Listened to 99,000+ minutes of music on Spotify.

Why Early Bird Music Needs Your Support

While Early Bird Music may be free to browse, it's not free to maintain. I spend countless hours creating content and adjusting the website, editing terabytes of photos & videos, curating playlists, and maintaining Early Bird's Instagram, to give you the most up-to-date music source possible. 

Aside from the time investment, ticket costs to cover shows (100+ shows in 2018), travel fares and equipment costs all add up. The site also has integral tech costs every year just to keep the lights on and software licenses renewed.

Who Should Support?

Please consider becoming a supporting member today if... 

* You regularly browse Early Bird Music.

* If you go trust Early Bird's content over other major ad-supported websites that curate music and shows.

* You discover new bands/artists through Early Bird Music.

* You find out about good shows from Early Bird Music. 

* You got tickets before the show sold-out because of Early Bird Music.

* You have a good night out because of Early Bird Music.

* You enjoy photos from Early Bird Music from shows you couldn't make it to.

What Do You Get With Your Membership? 

1. Early Bird Music continues to exist. 

2. Supporting Members will be our first thought of and we will keep you in the loop (and make you playlists) regularly.

3. Occasional members-only communications or event reminders with special stuff tailored just for you. 

4. Our eternal gratitude! THANK YOU!

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