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Donor Wall (97)

Gerard Faber | $50

Great work - looking forward to the wipe and the changes with it, hopefully all trade skills will be available as well as useful!

Georg Amann | $50

Yet another 50$ :)

Georg Amann | $20

A bit buggy - but it feels soooo great!

Michael P | $20

Thank you for bringing this back to life, elated to show my support - Lord Michael

legin | $49.99

Thanks for bringing back a piece of my childhood. Also, orb reset?

Jere Kivisto | $20

sir uljas orb reset

bryan martin | $20

Raimonds Mangalis | $20

on behalf of Mjolnir

Zeper | $20

Orb Reset: Character name = Zeper

Parisite | $30

Balmung | $150


Huward | $20

Looking good so far

Nigel | $100

legin is the coolest character in the game

Balmung | $150

From Balmung/Mattk

Raimonds | $20

On behalf of Mjolnir

Elderon Gg | $20/M

Game is very fun


Thanks a bunch. Dr Strangelove

jani sarell | $10

Maple | $20

This donation is on behalf of maple syrup

Sem | $25

lovin it

Salient | $25

Keep up the great work Devs!

Rj Almeida | $25

Wish I could support more, hopefully can later on. Really looking forward to this project!

Smitty | $100

Loved playing this game when I was younger, thanks for bringing it back!

Raimonds | $10

cc henderson | $20

CXII | $50

Let's keep this project upright!

Itme | $50

Love this project! Reaverz

Cc Henderson | $10

Moses is part of the cause

Joeylol | $10

Thanks for everything Vor! joeylol

Grinch Grinch | $20

i believe in this project. ive been here since day 1 supporting it.