Down to Earth Film

“Together we can bring about change”

To support the emerging global movement of people-powered change, we have decided to make the film available to the world. 

We are moving away from the traditional transactional model and take the unconventional route to offer the film in a ‘contribute-as-you-like’ model instead. 

You decide after watching the film if and what you pay. This way we make sure that as many people as possible can watch the film, without money being a threshold. We trust we will get the support we need in our endeavor to bring the message of the Earth Keepers to a global audience. We thank you for your support and invite you to start your own initiative of People-Powered Change.

Your Contribution will Help to

  • Help spread the Wisdom of the Earth Keepers further globally

  • Protect 1m2 of land with EarthToday

  • Enable us to support impact projects to jointly get into action

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Contribute to spread the wisdom of the Earth Keepers. Help us build a more sustainable and regenerative world.

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    Donor Wall108


    Merci !

    Nikki Wagemaker

    Petra | 20 €

    Love your work 🙏🙏


    We hebben erg genoten van de film, zijn al aardig bezig om de aarde te redden, maar het kan niet genoeg zijn. We wonen in Frankrijk en hebben onze Franse vrienden ook warm gemaakt om de film te kijken. Wat super dat het ook in het Frans ondertitelt is!


    Fantastic initiative.


    Magnifique! Merci pour cette perle de sagesse. D'une grande profondeur et d'une grande beauté.

    Anya | 5,45 €

    Thank you for sharing your amazing journey and the wonderful wisdom of the heart of the Earth Keepers.


    Heartfelt thanks for making and sharing this great film! I wish you all peace, health and happiness!

    Timothy Horan | 26,22 €

    Please display denominations in dollars too. I am deeply impressed and moved by your journey and your discovery. Seeing the delight of the children makes this more powerful. Thank you for having the courage and commitment to follow your hearts.

    Jarst | 21,03 €

    Fantastisch gemaakte documentaire, prachtige mensen en kinderen gezien. Lichtende voorbeelden voor de mensheid in spe. Top


    Felicitas | 20 €

    Euer Film hat mich berührt und mir gut getan. Danke für Euer Weihnachtsgeschenk.

    Christine | A$8

    A very inspiring and moving film. Very down to Earth, thought provoking, the truth. Thank you

    Christoph | 15,83 €

    Ein sehr berührender Film, der uns unserer wahren Stärke näher bringt.

    ioana | 15,83 €

    You have touched my heart deeply with this beautiful movie. Thank you.

    Fleur | 5,44 €

    Thank you for the inspiration. I feel rich.

    THOMAS STEVES | $104.15

    This is exactly what the world needs to see and believe in todays downward spiraling society. Thank you for sharing your family's wondrous journey with us all. Simply a beautiful film with a very important message from some of the best sources on the planet. Brilliant. Huge Thank you to everyone involved in this film. May this message travel to the ends of the earth spreading hope, love, and spiritual connection to all. Thank you.

    Antonietta | C$12.86

    I appreciate you sharing your journey, making this film, and connecting us to so many exceptional heart-minded and wise spirits. Blessings to your family!

    Bao Nguyen | 8,05 €

    Roberto | 26,21 €

    Congratulations. Absolutely beautiful. Loving corageous and caring. Thank thank thank you. This is the beginning. To be continued...

    michael conboy | 5,44 €

    Powerful thank you


    We can make the difference!

    Peter | 25 €

    Thank you. Merry Xmas & a happy new normal 😃

    Lindy Katz | C$19.09

    Wes | NZ$52.36

    Beautiful movie thank you so much for creating this work of art and spreading it to the world. Messages we desperately need to hear today


    Thank you!


    Thank you for seeking to understand and sharing light on the wisdom sought.


    This film was beautiful and eye-opening. This gives us hope and helps us to embark on our journey!

    Kelly | £24.11

    The Warriors of the Rainbow would show the people that the great spirit is full of love and understanding, and teach them how to make the world beautiful again 🌈💚💫 Thank you for sharing your experiences with us all from the wisdom keepers of the earth and reminding us that we are all intended to cherish and nurture the planet and each other while we exist on this beautiful planet of abundance and I truly believe humanity will indeed come together and naturally manifest this way of life 💚❤️💙💜🤍🖤🧡🤎💛🌈💫

    Robert Pupel

    Thank you for sharing your journey with us!