Down to Earth Film

“Together we can bring about change”

To support the emerging global movement of people-powered change, we have decided to make the film available to the world. 

We are moving away from the traditional transactional model and take the unconventional route to offer the film in a ‘contribute-as-you-like’ model instead. 

You decide after watching the film if and what you pay. This way we make sure that as many people as possible can watch the film, without money being a threshold. We trust we will get the support we need in our endeavor to bring the message of the Earth Keepers to a global audience. We thank you for your support and invite you to start your own initiative of People-Powered Change.

Your Contribution will Help to

  • Help spread the Wisdom of the Earth Keepers further globally

  • Protect 1m2 of land with EarthToday

  • Enable us to support impact projects to jointly get into action

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Contribute to spread the wisdom of the Earth Keepers. Help us build a more sustainable and regenerative world.

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    Donor Wall224

    Anonymous | 10,64 €


    Beautiful cinematic and touching messages. Keep up the good work :)

    Ulrike | 26,22 €

    This movie is a gift to humanity. Thank you so much for your perseverance, your authenticity, your reverence, your love - and thank you for sharing all of that in this incredible movie. You are true role models, helping to lead the change on this planet. You show us what it means to honor our ancestors, our resources, our own existence....❤️🙏🏻

    Marnix | 52,18 €

    Elke keer als ik jullie documentaire kijk gaat mijn hart een stukje meer open. Dank jullie wel voor het delen van jullie prachtige reis. Groeten uit Rotterdam, Marnix


    Watching this movie comes at a moment in my life which feels like I’m returning to my true essence. The content of the movie wasn’t new information for me, it is a beautiful reminder and waking up to where my energy may go to. Thank you for this beautiful movie. Namaste


    This is the way, we are connected. My heart is overflowing with the rivers of love on which we all journey. Thank you for sharing yours...


    Thank you so much for taking us with you on this amazing journey. I watched it with my daughter and we were both deeply touched by the wisdom imparted through the indigenous earth keepers you met. This will stay with me for some time to come. With love x

    Lori | 25 €


    Thank you for sharing your journey and spreading the wisdom most of us have lost long time ago <3

    Sjors | 10,64 €

    Keep nature and the earth in your hearts. She provides with everything we need.

    Corina Arcus | 25 €

    Jennifer Alongi | 25 €

    Anonymous | 26,22 €

    I am telling everybody about this wonderful film and movement! Thank you!

    Lee and Pete

    We loved the film and take heart from the many wise elders holding positive hope for the future. Thank you for sharing your journey.


    Wow. Your journey really touched me in a very deep, profound way. Sending shivers down my spine. Shivers of awe. I could feel the depth and purity of your journey... So real. So alive. Thank you so much for creating this powerful artwork, for sharing your journey, for inspiring openness and trust in the world. Thank you.

    WolfGong | 8,05 €

    Thank you for this wonderful documentary! May it be an inspiration and a reminder for many people. Heartfelt greetings. WolfGong



    Thank you for sharing the messages of these indigenous people. Really opens up your perspective on life.

    Janine Chapman

    Daniel | 26,22 €

    Everything this beautiful movie teaches resonates with the ancient Earth wisdom of the Delicate Lodge Teachings I just started at Council Guide training. Thank you for your contribution and the divine timing. Good medicine on your journey!


    Andrew | 26,22 €

    This really spoke to me in many different ways - thankyou


    Thank you so much and deeply for your messages and those from the wonderful earth keepers you met !

    Chenoa Egawa | $10.70

    From an Earth Keeper of the Lummi Nation in Washington State. Thank you for traveling to meet many wise and loving indigenous peoples who's messages for the world are of the utmost importance. May we work together to care for this sacred life.

    Edith | £5.42

    Sylvie | 26,22 €

    Marvelous journey

    Anonymous | 4 €


    Beautiful film filled with wisdom! Thank you for sharing your journey with us and the world!

    Tamara G | A$40.90

    Absolutely Beauty-Full documentary. Thank you for touching the heart and soul of many through your courage to step out and explore life, wisdom and love through true heart centred consciousness. What a gift to humanity!


    Love is Equal to All My Being, All My Being is Love