Down to Earth Film

“Together we can bring about change”

To support the emerging global movement of people-powered change, we have decided to make the film available to the world. 

We have moved away from a traditional transactional model and offer the film in a ‘contribute-as-you-like’ model instead. 

You decide after watching the film if and what you pay. This way we make sure that as many people as possible can watch the film, without money being a threshold. We trust we will get the support we need in our endeavor to bring the message of the Earth Keepers to a global audience. We thank you for your support and invite you to start your own initiative of People-Powered Change.

Your Contribution will help to:

  • Spread the Wisdom of the Earth Keepers further globally

  • Protect 1m2 of land with EarthToday

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Contribute to spread the wisdom of the Earth Keepers. Help us build a more sustainable and regenerative world.

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    Stichting DOWN to EATH Foundation is a existeren charity in the Netherlands. Kvk No. 66980801

    Donor Wall258

    Edna Bosch

    on behalf of the Mamo Jose. of the Kogi

    Kim Martin | $6.72

    Lovely film, lovely family! Thank you for sharing this journey. All the best to you!

    Jonneke | 26.24 €

    Enorm bedankt voor jullie reis en het naar ons toebrengen van al het moois die onze wereld rijk is.

    Rens Verschuren | 5 €

    Sander | 8.28 €

    I thank you all very, very much for making this film, speaking from your hearts and making footage where wise people do the same, available. And this coming from my own country:) it moved me:)

    Chris | 25 €

    Let’s live more in symbiosis with nature.

    Lotte | 8.28 €

    Irina | 10.65 €

    Sergej | 4.42 €

    Beautiful and true. Thank you for the inspiration.


    A wonderful movie that inspires me to share and care, to do good and to inspire others to spread the love we are all longing for. I am grateful for your efforts and for putting this jewel of insight online. Thank you so much!


    THANK YOU 🙏🏻❤️


    Thank you for sharing and caring


    Jolanda | 5 €

    With love and feeling the connection

    Chris-Tian RA | NZ$21.21


    Thank you for your deep and powerful work. Beautiful. We are one. Love!


    Beautiful film, simple words of wisdom, yet seemingly so difficult for the current world situation. Inspiring and optimistic!

    Mark Courtman | 23.10 €

    Thank You so much for connecting us to what is important in the way that you did!

    Anonymous | 10.64 €

    Thank you for giving a voice to true wisdom so that we always remember and Carry on what they teach us ❤️🙏🏾

    Ann | C$38.80

    Yvonne Klaassen Bos | 7.50 €

    Dankjulliewel voor deze prachtige film. Dankbaar 🙏🏼💞

    Marlou | 25 €

    Erik | $32.50

    Very thought-provoking movie

    Gaby | 5.45 €

    Thank you for the great reminder of who we really are as humanity!

    Iris Keasberry

    Dank je wel voor het maken van deze prachtige film over de wijsheid van Wisdom Keepers over de hele wereld. Het geeft precies weer hoe ik het leven en de wereld zie. 💚🙏🌻

    Lotte | 5 €

    Barbora Janeckova | 52.18 €

    thank you for your work, it gives hope

    Gabriela Favre | $5

    Anonymous | 4.41 €

    Wonderfull work