Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Inc. Concert Series 2020






Dorrigo Folk & Bluegrass Festival Inc. becomes a virtual concert series in place of it's 2020 Festival. 

Join us on YouTube and Facebook for The DF&BF Inc. Concert Series! 

Thank you to those who tuned in to our Concert Series so far!

If you have missed any, you can catch up on our YouTube channel and why not subscribe while you’re there.

For our next segment we were hoping to have the Dorrigo House Band hosting some truly wonderful guests. Unfortunately, due to difficult circumstances, we are not able to present ‘DF&BF Inc. Concert Series Hosted by the Dorrigo House Band’ as we had planned.

We have decided to go ahead and release our guest videos over four weekends.

We have decided to go ahead and release our guest videos over the next four weekends, beginning with a very special Scottish segment.

Guest Concert #1 features Good Guy Hank and The James Harper Band SAT 28th November.
Guest Concert #2 features The New Graces and Circus No. 9 (US) SAT 5th December.
Guest Concert #3 features Harry Jakamarra & Elwood Gray and Chloe & Jason Roweth SAT 12th December.
Guest Concert #4 features Rachel Baiman & George Jackson (US/AUS) and Jake Blount (US) SAT 19th December.

We'd like to thank everyone who has donated so far. All donations were and are being put towards paying the musicians and producers of this series. If you are new and tuning in to these new concert segments please consider donating. 

Minimum suggested donation per concert: $10 AUD. 

All donations will go towards paying the musicians and producers involved in the DF&BF Inc. Concert Series.

Look out in the future for news on a Dorrigo House Band Concert. We can't not have them involved! 

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Thank you for tuning in to the DF&BF Inc. Concert Series. Consider making a donation to help pay the musicians and producers involved! We appreciate your support!

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      Donor Wall18

      Jason Roweth | A$36.76

      Lovely work folks ! Gave us just a dose of Dorrigo goodness !


      Really good music and musicianship

      Linda De Cieri | A$36.76

      Val Muir | A$25

      enjoyed listening to the (Scottish) musicians, hope the festival returns in 2021 'in the flesh'

      Teegan | A$200

      Anonymous | A$55

      Loved it! Thank you!


      JOHN MELVILLE | A$35

      Great as usual!

      Anonymous | A$104.28

      Love Dorrigo Folk Festival! Thanks for continuing to support these amazing artists!

      Jeremy Hanley

      Thanks everyone involved for a great production.

      Tony Eyers | A$16.01

      Andrew Ramsay | A$55

      Grace Barr | A$40


      Thanks for organising this concert series. It doesn't replace the festival experience but it really helps and it's very nice to see the familiar faces.

      Mari McGuire | A$20

      Hope to be there in 2021!🙏

      Peter Vaughan | A$36.78

      Thanks for the music,much appreciated


      Sue | A$21.20