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We make donor management super-easy and fast, so you can build lasting donor relationships.

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A Strong, Data-Driven Donor Management Software

Track Donor Communications

Recording donor communications helps you focus on every donor and retain them over long periods of time!

Easily record donor interactions within donor profiles, and save important notes.

You can record communications as inbound or outbound, and tag the communication channel — email, facebook, in-person meetings and more.

Track Donor Communications

Capture Donor Moments

Get alerts for the right moments to engage with your donors!

  • First year anniversary since your donor’s first donation to your organization.
  • Cancel Recurring Donation – when a donor cancels their recurring donation.
  • First Time Donation – when a donor donates for the first time to the organization.
  • Changed recurring donation to a higher amount than before.
Capture Donor Moments

Use Advanced Donor Filters

Manage your donor database for effective outreach! You can sort donors based on date range, locations, donations amounts and frequency, source of donation, currencies, time-frame, and more!

Easily export your donor list and track the percentage of your recurring donors.

Use Advanced Donor Filters

Send Personalized Emails

Save time with automated thank you emails and donation receipts. You can even customize emails to speak personally with your donors!

Donorbox allows effortless integration with Salesforce and Mailchimp, letting you further boost donor-engagement.

Send Personalized Emails

Donor Management for Successful Fundraising

Accounting made easy

Accounting made easy

Automate your account by linking to accounting software QuickBooks through Stripe. Send automated donation and year-end receipts.

Merge your donors

Merge your donors

Easily add offline donations to your campaign and maintain a clean donor database by merging donors and duplicate accounts into one contact.

Focus on donor retention

Focus on donor retention

Plan strategic fundraising campaigns designed to retain your donors for the long haul. Allow donors to contribute through gifts, checks, cash.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best donor management software for my nonprofit?

Donor management is vital to the health of your organization. It helps you segment donors, determine the best communication plan for each donor type, track giving trends, and so much more.

Donorbox Donor Management lets nonprofits create detailed profiles of each donor and segment donors by their ability to give, program interests, and long-time involvement with your organization.

Donorbox also lets recurring donors manage their own gifts and increase or decrease donation amounts, change frequency, or stop their donations on their own Donor Portal.

What donor management features does Donorbox offer?

Donorbox lets nonprofits track donor communications and capture critical notes to ensure as much information as possible is collected. Our donor management software allows nonprofits to record inbound and outbound communication, tag the communication channel, send customized receipt emails, and more.

Nonprofits can also access Moments, which alerts them to donors’ gift anniversaries, if recurring donors cancel their gifts or change donation amounts, changes to a donor’s contact information, and when a donor donates for the first time.

In addition, Donorbox provides a detailed donor database that makes it possible to sort and segment donors based on date range, location, donation amount, source, and frequency, currencies, timing, and more.

How easy is it to start managing my donors with Donorbox?

It’s incredibly easy to get started with Donorbox’s suite of innovative fundraising tools, including our donor management software.

Simply click here to sign up today. Follow the steps provided to enter all appropriate information and create a free account in minutes.

Want to migrate supporters from another platform to streamline your donor management? We can help! Check out our Pricing page to learn more.

Are there any top tips for using the Donorbox Donor Management software?

Donorbox management software helps nonprofits streamline the communication process with donors.

The best thing about Donorbox’s donor management software is how easy it is to manage and customize donor profiles and donor forms. You can also search for donors based on location, gift frequency, donation amounts, campaign and program interests, etc., then use this information to make connections and appeals.

As you build a relationship with a donor, you can also use Donorbox’s donor management software to monitor donor engagement over their donation lifetime. You can add notes on specific communication and participation of the donor in campaigns and events.

What should I look for in donor management software?

When searching for donor management software, you’ll want a donor management software system that lets you create custom donor profiles and segment donors, as well as manage tasks, campaigns, and other donor activities. It’s also best to find a platform that enables you to fundraise, sell tickets, and more, all in one place.

Donorbox’s donor management software is part of a larger suite of innovative fundraising tools to help you raise more money and build long-term relationships.

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