Donations For Samoa






Dear All,

We have been notified that there have now been 70 deaths since the measles outbreak began in Samoa. 😭

We have had requests for assistance with Diapers, disposable sheets, pillows, vitamins, towels, masks, children's books and more as soon as possible.

Lets work together to make a difference and help our families and friends in Samoa.

Your support is much appreciated.

With Love

Team PA

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Donor Wall71

Sandy and Colin Neal | NZ$30

Lofty Release And Friends | NZ$265.30

We send our alofa to the people of Samoa during this time. A group of friends send our mealofa from dance classes held in Auckland. Love Aloalii, Tori, Stephen, Joanna, Deborah, Veronica, Amber, Issie, Katie, Sophie, Ayame, Katrina, Adam, Anu, Emma, Jahra, Jee Ahn, David, Yen, Vito and Cali

Matua | NZ$400

Sending all our love and prayers to Samoa

Plans and Places staff - Auckland Council | NZ$545

Alofa tele from the staff of Plans and Places - Auckland Council

Anonymous | NZ$50

IAMONE apparel | NZ$300

IAMONE sale of t-shirts. All proceeds to go to our beautiful people of Samoa.

Clare | NZ$10

My daughters ages 5 and 7 held a small bake sale last week

Ted Zorn | NZ$25

Keeran | NZ$20

Melanie | NZ$50

Anonymous | NZ$300

God at the forefront. Alofa tele atu Samoa 🙏❤

Mai Kana Dunedin | NZ$800

We continue to uplift our beloved home country of Samoa during such a difficult time. Sending lolomas and prayers from Dunedin!

jubt | NZ$50

Much love to Samoa

Melissa Cook

Sending love and prayers to all are affected. Our heart breaks for you.

Royal Heights Pharmacy | NZ$120

Kirsty Gillespie

I hope our memories of this tragedy are long which prevents this situation happening again.


Our love and prayers are with the people of Samoa

Jannette | NZ$100

Please let the outbreak be over soon.


Leilani Pitolau | NZ$50

Sending my thoughts, love and prayers to all of Samoa


Sending all the love to our Samoan brothers, sister and babies. Hope this tragedy ends soon ❤️

Victoria Cockle | NZ$100

Fa'afetai tele lava for organising this. We are all devastated by the loss of life in Samoa. Alofa atu, Victoria

Charles Misquitta | NZ$50

Thoughts and prayers going out to all the families affected by this terrible outbreak. May the Lord Jesus provide comfort to all families.


Sending love and prayers to the children and families of Samoa

Ashleigh | NZ$25

My love and prayers are with Samoa.

Tiyannah Wendt | NZ$20

Sending love and hope to everyone in Samoa ❤️ Stay strong! x


Aryelle | NZ$20

Sending love and prayers to our people in Samoa xx

Demi Siataga | NZ$100

Fa’afetai tele lava for all your hard work. Donating is the least I can do. Alofa atu, Demi Siataga.

Anonymous | NZ$100