Solid Waste Management

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Help the men, women and youth make their jobs safe and environmentally friendly by supporting them in the projects envisioned. You can make a difference to their lives and their children.

Personal Protective Equipment
Most of the garbage collectors and recyclers do not have adequate protection from the toxic and hazardous waste that comes from the residents, the shops and medical centres and the restaurants. They deal with shards of glass, toxic chemicals, biological hazards (from medical centres) and human waste.
To some, the little money they get is better spent on feeding or schooling their children than it is on buying protective clothing. Others are somewhat ignorant of the health hazards. When you donate funds for personal protective clothing, we will purchase the items in bulk, sell the item at 50% of the price to the industry workers. This is to avoid people taking advantage of 'free' clothes and also allows us to purchase more of the same items to cover a larger amount of people.


To maximise the impact of any project, we hope to be trained in areas such as group development, leadership, group dynamics etc.

Health and sanitation are also crucial to the success of each member and their family.

We also hope to find training on different Income Generating Projects (IGAs).

Shelter & Slab
Currently, all the solid waste is sorted on either dirt or other rubbish. It is neither contained nor is it picked up and sent to the official dumpsite. If we built a slab and shelter for the group, it would greatly advance their cleanliness and conduct and reduce considerably the deposited rubbish.