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Donorbox Supercharges Your Fundraising

Donorbox is a state of the art fundraising software with native integration with Stripe. It helps you easily accept recurring donations from donors.

With Donorbox you won't need to hire a developer to integrate with the Stripe API.

PCI compliance and card saving security are also taken care of for you. Your donation forms can be localized in 8 languages and 20 major currencies.

Donorbox gives your donors the ability to update expired cards and edit her recurring plans at any time.

Online Donation form for Everyone

Donorbox is a powerful donation software that is super simple to setup and
attracts more recurring donors. Donorbox is used by nonprofits, churches,
universities, politicians, and medical research organizations.

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Donorbox Donation Forms Make Fundraising Fast And Hassle-Free.

Collect once-off and recurring donations

Our donation forms can process once-off and recurring donations. Donors can choose from Weekly, Monthly and Annual donations with just a single click. No extra info is needed. The donation simply repeats itself on the selected option. Recurring donors automatically get their very own Donor Account to manage their own donations. The entire donation process is finished in a matter of minutes.

Campaign Everywhere

Our donation forms can be integrated into any online medium. Embed a donation form into your website, no matter what website builder you use. Or have your donation form popup when required. Include a Donate button as part of your outgoing emails to potential donors. Link your Facebook page to your donation form. Don’t have a website? No worries! Donorbox automatically creates your very own donation page, hosted on our secure servers, for every campaign form you create, free of charge.

Accept almost all payment methods

Donorbox supports card payments, ACH, PayPal, Google Pay and Apple Pay. Our servers have been certified by Apple, so Apple Pay transactions are also fully supported on your Donorbox-hosted donation page. We’re also working on introducing Cryptocurrency options soon, so stay tuned for that!

Save Processing Costs

Donorbox is free to start. Donorbox charges a small platform fee of 1.5% for the month’s donations. Our fees are the lowest in the market, and we charge no setup fees. Our donations forms can also kindly ask the donor to cover the processing fee for you. It takes one click to select this option. The fee will be included in their total donation and processed with no hassle.

Collect as much or as little info as you need

Donorbox Donation Forms support Custom Questions. So, get to know your donors. Ask for volunteers, get contact info or collect suggestions from them. If you’re compelled to ask for specific details from donors, you can make certain fields compulsory (like employer info in a political fundraiser). Or else, just get a name and email address and proceed to the payment section. The choice is yours.

Over 35,000 organizations from 40 countries use our
Donorbox fundraising software