EMERGENCY DONATIONS needed for cocker spaniel hit by car!

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Camp Cocker Rescue got word that a little cocker spaniel was turned in to the Long Beach, California animal shelter by the owner, after the dog had been hit by a car.

This came at a very bad time for Camp Cocker as we are struggling to get caught up on the vet debt we ran up in January from taking in too many medical dogs.    We are hoping that our supporters can rally for this little new guy and donate, and also help us to make a dent in the vet bills from last month.

NO DONATION IS TOO SMALL to help this new boy that we are naming Parker.   He has multiple fractures in his pelvis, left iliam and pubis and he is non weight bearing on his rear left leg.    

Thank you for much for considering becoming a part of the big rescue village that this little fella is going to need!


Holli Carter | $50

Lynda | $100

Dana Cipolla | $51.84

Prayers and quick healing to Parker ❤️

Sheri | $99.90

for Parker (hit by car)

Danette Patterson | $20

Carmen Hayes | $10.61


Thanks for taking such good care of him’


For Parker


I have 4 English Cocker Spaniels, 1 Beagle and 1 Chihuahua X Yorkie and I WOULDN’T bare to see my Furrbabies in pain! Ever! It breaks my heart and I wish I was a millionaire so I can donate more and adopt a lot more. I wish you all the best buddy! From my girlies Luna, Kiara, Maya, Sarabi, Nala and Laila 🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️🐾❤️💓💞💕

Karen Marr | $10.61

Cindy Giles | $20.92

Hope Parker will be ok!!🙏🙏❤

Darlene | $51.84

Help this beautiful animal get well soon. Thank you for all you do.

Janet Burke | $51.84

Bless him and your organization! I have three cockers right now and had two in past years. Please fix this little baby boy .

Carla Karagiannis | $10.61

Parker your life has changed. You got this. We love you. Koula and Mangas

Jane | $51.84

Thank you for for the important work you do to help these wonderful dogs!

Janet | $31.23

Jennifer | $26.07

Kelly | $103.39

In loving memory of Lucas

Karen Meehan | $20

lynne Pearlman

Carole Schmidt | $206.48

James | $20.92

Hoping this little guy get's great care.

zofia | $103.39

For Parker...

David | $50