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The Institute of Student Loan Advisors (TISLA) is a 501(c)(3) non-profit that is funded through grants, donations and fee for service products sold to employers, colleges, associations and other entities passionate about helping consumers with their student debt.  Note that the use of our site as well as our email based one on one counseling and dispute resolution is free to consumers - period.  While we are grateful for any donations as they allow us to continue our mission, it is not necessary nor expected for consumers to make a donation of any kind to receive our free services.  If you choose to make a donation, we thank you for helping to provide the resources needed to ensure that all consumers have access to fair, free, expert student loan advice.

The Institute of Student Loan Advisors is a charitable organization, EIN 82-2724117. All donations are deemed tax deductible absent any limitations of deductibility applicable to a particular taxpayer. No goods or services were provided in exchange for your contribution.

Donor Wall (79)

Teressa Romo | $10

Thank you for all your help!

Sean | $20

Thanks for help in answering my questions! It's a huge relief.

Kerry | $250

Thank you so much for your support in helping to get loans forgiven.

Sean | $20

Thanks for your help!

Stephanie Lezotte | $100

Thank you for your unwavering patience and attention to r/PSLF! My loans aren’t forgiven yet, just waiting on ACS months. I saved enough during the COVID pause to be able to pay off my small balance when it ended. However, with the waiver, I feel confident enough to re-allocate that money to worthy causes like TISLA…and replacing my leaking roof.


Thank you for the information and services you provide. To all borrowers: do not give up and good luck.


Thank you to Betsy for calming my fears and helping me through what seemed an incredibly long wait for student loan forgiveness! You are the best!!

Anonymous | $200

NIKKI | $500

Thank you so much for keeping us sane on the giant Reddit thread. Keep us the wonderful work.

Jennifer | $100

This is to commemorate the anniversary of one of the best days of my life - when I got my loans forgiven thanks to TISLA and Betsy's help! I'm now able to support my elderly mother and save for retirement. Thank you!

Melissa Moore | $50/M

Thank you for all you have done to help borrowers everywhere? And, more importantly, for your tireless advocacy for generations to come!

Anonymous | $10/M

I am contributing monthly to enable TISLA to help another person, as they have helped me.

Anonymous | $529.04

Thank you, Betsy. You and the r/pslf community made my loan forgiveness possible!!!

Shannon Murphy | $10/M

Betsy--thank you for all your time and effort on r/PSLF. I'm several years away from forgiveness, and it makes me feel better knowing you and your team are out there working on our behalf while my qualifying payments add up. You and your team are appreciated! (Also, thank you for setting up the recurring donation option!)

Rebecca | $100

You guys rock! Your reddit thread on the limited PSLF waiver kept me sane while waiting for forgiveness.


Thank you your support on this topic and helping borrowers. Because of Betsy and her assistance on I had a guide through this long process.


I'm one of the thousands who have been in public service for longer than ten years and was under the wrong repayment plan for most of it. I would never have received forgiveness under the Limited Waiver if it was not for Betsy and her team's efforts on this website and on the Reddit thread she moderates. THANK YOU so much.


Betsy on reddit has been a source of invaluable information and a comforting voice during the last few months. I'm just so grateful for the help!

Anonymous | $40

Thanks for all your help. I was able to get my loans forgiven and your help in the Reddit group was invaluable. I hope I can assist in the future with promoting your organization and the help you provided for me.

Arien | $50

Anonymous | $25

Thank you to Betsy and all at TISLA for helping PSLF borrowers. Donating with gratitude after receiving forgiveness.

Audrey | $25

Thank you for all of the help and support!

Heather Petrus | $100

Thank you for all of your help. Because of you I am free of my loans of over 97,000. I never thought this was possible! Thanks again for all you have done and continue to do!


Thank you, Betsy & TISLA for helping so many people with the TEPSLF/PSLF/waiver confusion! I was fortunate enough to have a fairly straightforward case which was easily resolved with the Waiver, but I stumbled upon you and your organization through Reddit fairly recently and saw the good work and advice you give everyone - free of charge. Please accept this donation - one month of student loan payment that I am now free of (as of 1/11/22) - hoping this will help your organization in one small way!

Shannon Murphy | $50

Betsy, I truly appreciate the time and energy you spend on the PSLF subreddit keeping everyone informed and answering questions. You are THE trusted voice when it comes to speaking TO us and speaking FOR us. Thank you for all you do! P.S. If you have the capability, I'd love to set up a recurring donation.


Thank you so much, Betsy, for all your help with information for my Public Service Loan Forgiveness! Your Reddit advice was so helpful as I navigated getting forgiveness. I had 56k forgiven- after regular payments since 2006, my loan balance was ONLY $670 less than the amount of my original loan!

Katherine | $100

Your time and effort put in on the PSLF reddit is much appreciated and invaluable!! My loans were forgiven in January 2022 and it is an amazing burden lifted.

Joshua | $50

Thank you for all your guidance and assistance on the PSLF Reddit! You've been such a huge help to all of us! :D

Eugene | $200

I was recently fortunate to benefit from the PSLF Waiver, as it took into account work at an eligible agency, where I had worked for years, prior to consolidation. I was so surprised and relieved to receive the letter that my loans have been forgiven! This journey would experienced more obstacles and stress if it weren’t for Betsy and the moderators on PSLF Reddit. They have been so instrumental and supportive to all us borrowers. Betsy, in particular, has been such a wealth of knowledge that I have witnessed some Redditors address her as “queen.” I am in full agreement! Thank you for all you do for us, and please accept my donation to help you continue to support others attaining forgiveness.

Jennifer | $250

TISLA has provided the most timely, accurate, and useful advice on PSLF and the waiver. Truly grateful for Betsy's advice on my personal situation on Reddit both before and after the waiver. And ultimately, my loans were forgiven in December.