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Major American newsrooms have for generations called themselves objective. But coverage at these outlets, at all points in time, has always been subjectively defined by homogenous newsrooms.

The history is right in front of us. Editors at The New York Times initially refused to print the word “gay” in the paper and intentionally ignored covering the AIDS crisis. The Washington Post hired its first Black journalist in 1952 (he left after two years). And the Los Angeles Times’s Editor-in-Chief, in 2020, admitted that the paper “fomented the hysteria that led to Japanese American incarceration, the Zoot Suit Riots, redlining and racial covenants.”

Since June 2020, The Objective has published reporting, first-person commentary, and reported essays on how journalism has misrepresented or excluded specific communities in coverage and staffing. But we're now reaching a fork in the road. Until now, we have functioned as an all-volunteer collective, several of us with full-time jobs outside of this work. 

Here are a few stories from our first year in operation: 

We believe this kind of coverage is not an occasional way to cover journalism, but the focal point. Because of this, we're asking you to support our work. 

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    Christian Skotte | $21.23

    Little Brother of War

    Thank you for covering the Observer implosion with Indigenous Affairs office. Very informative.

    Henry Fuhrmann

    I look forward to more of your inspiring work in 2022.


    Adding The Objective to my monthly news "subscriptions" because I so appreciate the work you all do.

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    You're doing amazing work -- keep it up!

    Cordelia Yu | $104.15

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    Continue the important work.

    Haley Samsel | $78.19

    Young journalists are the ones who give me hope for this industry. Sending you love and support.

    Barbara Selvin | $26.27

    I'm happy to support the valuable work you're doing. I find your newsletter stimulating, and it helps me teach my university journalism classes.

    Joe | $10.70

    Alexander W