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A project like stands for transparency and access to information. 

As a team of volunteers across Europe, we are striving to gather all publicly available information on EU-related events taking place in Brussels in a single web-portal. Our service is entirely cost-free and unique for completeness and readiness of information.

To make this project sustainable and inclusive, we need to be financially independent from any political interest or interest group. We would love to have you, event attendees and event organisers, as our interest group of reference and have you funding via these donations our activity.

Lastly, any IT project needs continuous maintenance to be performing at the top of its potential. We would love to implement all the ideas and features that you have suggested us along the years and make our website more flexible in his desktop and mobile version, being optimised for all users' needs and grant a pleasant browsing experience.

NB. For the time being, our paid service to promote specific events in Brussels or outside Brussels will have to remain as an additional form of income in the hope donations and sponsorships will entirely cover our expenses very soon.